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I have written for a Cleveland local newspaper as well as my college's student-run newspaper. I have a Bachelor's degree in English with a heavy emphasis on literature. Journalist contact:


Donald Trump. Photo by: Gage Skidmore.

Trump announces the military will establish a space force

WASHINGTON (ViaNews) - President Donald J. Trump announced that there will be a sixth branch of U.S. Military: A space force. This announcement has...


Rafael Valera, leader of the Venezuelan political movement Rumbo Libertad. Photo by: ViaNews.

Interview with Rafael Valera, leader of the Venezuelan political movement Rumbo...

CARACAS, Venezuela (ViaNews) - Venezuela’s crisis continues to grow rapidly and no one seems able to stop it. After last years failed protests and...


NGO Sign of Hope shows, based on scientific research and analysis, that the oil industry in the state of Unity (South Sudan) pollutes the drinking water and people are poisoned with heavy metals. Photo by: Sign of Hope.

German NGO struggle for clean water in South Sudan

MUNICH, Germany (ViaNews) - VENRO, a group of 120 Germany-based NGOs providing humanitarian and development assistance around the world, produced a report entitled “Uncomfortable partners – from confrontation to cooperation: NGO’S strategies for...
Birmingham Airport fire trucks sprayed the plane to prevent fire. Photo by: Via News.

Exclusive photos of the Birmingham Airport incident involving a Norwegian Air airplane

A Boeing 737-800 jet flying from the Iceland capital, Reykjavik, to Madrid, Spain, was diverted to Birmingham after a technical problem. According to a recent video of the landing, the left tire seems faulty,...
National Assembly of Serbia in Belgrade. Photo by: Jovan Marković.

Is Serbia planning to limit reproductive rights for women?

BELGRADE, Serbia (Vianews) - Almost a week ago, Irish women won their fight against abortion ban. The Eighth Amendment, which grants an equal right to life to the mother and unborn, will be replaced....


Serbian entrepreneur Pavle Krivokuca. Photo by: Pavle Krivokuca Official Youtube account.

“Events Bring Coworking Customers,” Says Impact Hub Belgrade Representative

BELGRADE, Serbia (ViaNews) - Young entrepreneurs in Serbia, although full of ideas and enthusiasm face many of the challenges shared by other Europeans. Among those challenges are initial funding, risk aversion, high initial costs,...
Serbian coworking space. Photo by: Impact Hub - Belgrade

What Everybody Ought to Know About CoWorking in Serbia

BELGRADE, Serbia (ViaNews) - Over the last ten years, the technology development and the Serbian high unemployment rate helped create new professions and new working habits. Young people kept adopting alternative ways to work, and...
Women in the workforce.

Femininity & the Workforce: What It Means to Be a Woman in the Business...

WASHINGTON (ViaNews) - In the wake of campaigns such as the #NoMakeup movement and the social media shattering #MeToo, women’s voices on beauty, harassment, discrimination and double standards are becoming more powerful in the...