Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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Kenyan Paul Kibiwott Kurgat. Photo by Kremlin.ru

Crisis Looms as Three Top Brass Resign from Kenya’s Electoral Body

NAIROBI, Kenya (ViaNews) - The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission has been thrown into a frenzy following the recent resignation of three commissioners who...


Statue of Liberty, New York city. Photo by: William Warby.

The Rise of the American Woman: “We’ve Reached Critical Mass as...

WASHINGTON (ViaNews) - With a part of a country that’s angry and looking for change, this past year was one of protest. As the...


Syrian rebels carry RPG-29 anti-tank missiles Damascus, Syria. Photo by: Qasioun News Agency.

Understanding the Uncertain Motivations Behind Syria Bomb Attacks

LONDON (ViaNews) - As the relationship between Britain and Russia plunges to new depths – if it were a marriage, they’d be in court now, fighting over the CD collection – more and more...
Protestors and riot police clash in Barcelona following the arrest of former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont. Photo by: Evan McCaffrey.

Catalonia: Arrest of Pro-independence Leader Causes Fiery Protest in Barcelona

BARCELONA, Spain (ViaNews) - On Sunday around 11 a.m. in Catalonia, the news broke that the former President of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont was arrested in Germany. He was trying to cross into Belgium where...
Bedford hospital. Photo: Public Domain.

UK: NHS Surgery Team’s Attention to Detail Might Have Saved a Patient’s Life

LONDON (ViaNews) - Peter Bird, a professional writer and journalist from Milton Keynes, in the UK, went through an experience he won't easily forget. He had a heart attack and was assisted by the...


Porsche headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. Photo by: Morio

“3D printing could transform the manufacturing of vehicles” said Philipp von Hagen, Porsche’s Investment...

LISBON, Portugal (ViaNews) - We met with Philipp von Hagen in November 2017 for an interview at the Lisbon's Web Summit to understand more about Porsche's goals. ...
Taxi in Istanbul, Turkey. Photo by: Leandro Neumann Ciuffo.

Is Uber Improving the Quality of the Transportation System in Turkey?

ISTANBUL, Turkey (ViaNews) - Turkish people seem pretty satisfied with the new alternatives being offered, ever since Uber started operating in the country. Considering the unfairly demanding prices and famously vulgar attitudes from...
Maduro about the Petro on state TV on Feb. 2.

PETRO: Anti-bubble Cryptocurrency?

CARACAS, Venezuela (ViaNews) - Ending 2017, Venezuelan Government announced its intention to issue a new crypto asset called Petro (derived from petroleum) which would be backed by proven oil reserves. President Nicolás Maduro was thus...