Crissic Solutions LLC sale to Quadranet INC is now confirmed. The sale was a surprise to most Crissic customers that got the official confirmation of the sale through an Internet forum.

Crisic Solutions, LLC is a Springfield company specialized in unmanaged VPS (virtual private servers) services. Its owner, Skylar MacMinn, managed to develop the business and amass a fair number of clients by using competitive pricing and an excellent quality VPS service.

Even though no official press release or official statement has yet been made public or sent to Crissic customer’s email, representatives of both companies have already confirmed that Quadranet bought the Crissic company. Quadranet is a Los Angeles data center provider, offering colocation, dedicated servers, cluster management, and complex hosting solutions.

Crissic Sale Confirmation

According to a forum thread, the sale has been confirmed by both Quadranet representatives and Skylar MacMinn, the founder of Crissic.

In another forum, at, a Quadranet representative “Quadranet.dustin” went further by posting the sale was concluded on 11th August 2015.

In a discussion forum, the Crissic founder, Skylar MacMinn, put out a statement confirming the sale.

SkylarM Member August 11
Hey guys and gals! Wanted to provide an update from my end here. It is true, QuadraNet has purchased Crissic and I now hold a position at QuadraNet. My understanding is that QN will be emailing all existing customers once they have a full handle on the infrastructure of Crissic and get support situated on their end. The goal isn’t to keep customers in the dark, so look out for that one hopefully soon. I wanted to thank everyone for giving Crissic a second chance two years ago and allowing the brand to grow and mature. It was a pleasure working with the community!
I will stick around and likely participate in the community discussions, however my time in the industry has passed, and I hold no interest in re-entering the low end market as a provider.


Crissic Service changes

Quadranet representative, Dustin Cisneros, answered some Crissic customers who were inquiring about why was the domain redirecting to or why all VPS services are now “out of stock.”

Hello, Crissic has been acquired by QuadraNet.
QuadraNet has decided to keep inventory “out of stock” and will no longer be accepting new customers or additional orders via the Crissic brand. We ask that current customers who are interested in purchasing additional services check out and
Alternatively, if customers are interested in consolidating multiple VPS into one dedicated server, QuadraNet can certainly assist with providing a competitive quote! Please e-mail
Thank You!
Dustin Cisneros


What Will Mr. MacMinn do next

Skylar MacMinn got himself included in the sale and is now working for the Quadranet Support Tech department. In the same forum thread, Mr. MacMinn stated stated he was thinking about owning a VPS company in the future.

SkylarM Member August 12 edited August 12
<...> I’m obviously still “in the industry” working for QuadraNet, but I more or less mean I hold no desire to open and operate my own VPS company at any point going forward. Was my time to move on and up I suppose you could say.


SkylarM Member August 12
@MHS_Marc said: Will we see you on the front lines of QuadraNet?
As mentioned, I was hired as a Support Tech, so if you open a ticket and have service with QN you might.
Appreciate the kind words.


What will happen to the Crissic customers

According to Quadranet, all existing and already invoiced services will be kept active, in accordance to the service contract terms.

Can Crissic funds be transferred to Quadranet?

Quadranet will not be able to transfer funds from the Crissic customers accounts.

QuadraNet_Adam Member August 12
mikeyur said: Is the $70 I have in Crissic account credit transferable to QN or refundable?
Hi Mike,
Crissic’s billing is separate from QuadraNet, we will not be able to transfer the credit at this time nor would it be refundable.


QuadraNet_Adam Member 12:02AM (August 13)

TheLinuxBug said: So I am replying here not because I have service, but because I just want to see if I understand this and this has been logically thought out:
So what your saying is that customer who invested into Crissic by adding funds to their account are basically going to lose money because they can no longer buy services from Crissic (as you are no longer selling them) and at the same time the customer can not transfer the funds to be used on the platform which you are replacing it with? Am I the only one who things this is kinda…. shady… ? Maybe I am missing something obvious here, if so, please fill me in.
my 2 cents.

Hello, we’re working with this customer directly already.
Crissic customers can use existing account credit to renew existing services at Crissic. If any specific Crissic customer with account credit has a concern, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss.