Monday, July 22, 2019

News Service

About us

We’re 80 journalists in more than 40 countries at your service. We deliver journalistic work with speed, impartiality, and insight.

At Via News Agency, we’re constantly innovating to meet the needs of our customers. We have, since 2015, been developing a platform to provide the best content, making us one of the world’s leading international news agency.

We partner with our customers to deliver cost-effective personalized content. We have an increasing network of journalists, editors, video crews, and photographers. We provide news on a variety of topics such as business, finance, entrepreneurship, technology, and more.

News Service

We record and/or provide human expertise for any written, audio, or video interview or report. Let us know your needs.

    • Written reports. Price: from 50€ (for 600 words)
    • Audio or video services in Lisbon. Price: contact us.

We do solo, one on one, and group interviews. We cover events, talks, etc…

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Any content I order here is to be posted on the Via News Agency website?

Only if you desire to do so. Full or part of the content you ordered can be published on the Via News Agency website but only when according to our Editorial Guidelines.