There are no limitations to who can become a successful entrepreneur. Away from a college degree or pumped up bank account, all one needs to make it as a great entrepreneur is a great business idea targeting a burgeoning sector.

In an era where things are moving fast, right from technology to people’s needs, a number of opportunities are increasingly cropping up worth pursuing.

While not all ideas are worth paying attention to, let alone investing, below are some of the sectors likely to take off and present unique opportunities.

Cannabis Infused Products

The demand for cannabis products is on the rise in the wake of Canada legalizing recreational use. Companies and individuals that come up with unique CBD products, be it for medicinal or recreational purposes, stand to reap a great deal in terms of monetary value.

Consumers embracing CBD, as a way of life be it for wellness, beauty, relaxation or its medicinal benefits is a positive that any entrepreneur can leverage. Growing demand for cannabis-infused oils, lotions, soaps present opportunities worth pursuing.

Demand for CBD infused food and beverage products is also on the rise given their health benefits with Canaccord Genuity projecting sales of as much as $260 million by 2022.

The skills needed to make a career and a living in the burgeoning sector includes knowledge of cannabis plant science.

However, one can also offer services right form providing logistic services to firms that have already developed products and looking to reach the end market.

Work-leisure Apparel

Growing demand for apparel that blends comfort and style on office settings while also allowing a smooth transition from office to the field or gym has given rise to the workleisure trend. To make it count in the sector, an entrepreneur must be well versed of all emerging fashion trends ideal for bridging the gap between office clothing and active wear.

While coming up with appropriate wear for the workleisure trend, an entrepreneur must blend comfort and style. In addition, given the growing Millennials consumer base, a startup must stick to environmentally friendly and socially responsible practices.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

For tech-savvy entrepreneurs now is the right time to harness the power of artificial intelligence and create a business empire. The technology is increasingly being used to enhance service delivery, right from healthcare, to personal coaching as well as in the drone industry.

With Artificial Intelligence, it is all about coming up with unique AI-powered applications that can enhance service delivery. AI healthcare apps are the talk of the town as they provide chatbots nurses as well as virtual doctors.

AI technology is also being infused in drones to enhance navigation and enhance the device’s capabilities. Anyone with skills in software engineering is sure to launch a successful business of providing services to people and companies interested in leveraging AI technology.

Personalized Nutrition

The need for healthy living, to alleviate diet caused conditions, is also increasingly giving rise to an opportunity worth pursuing for monetary benefits. Nutrition has essentially emerged as one of the best ways to avoid medical conditions most of which come into being as a result of bad eating habits.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to what a healthy diet should entail. Anyone with a background in food nutrition and human biology is sure to build a business empire by helping people live a healthy life through dieting.

The personalized health industry could become a $600 billion market by 2020 as people resort to personalized nutrition.

Baby Tech Products

Growing demand for baby technologies that can perform a wide range of tasks right from breastfeeding, getting infants to sleep or tracking fertility has given rise to a multibillion-dollar opportunity.

While there are gadgets for grownups, there is a deficiency of tech gadgets aimed at taking care of babies. In addition, there is a growing demand for technological solutions that can help people get pregnant or track fertility for that matter.

The baby product market is poised to generate revenues of as much as $9.7 billion by 2022 seen as one of the reasons why entrepreneurs should eye the sector.


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