Thursday, October 18, 2018
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NOCK officials James Chacha (far left), Kipchoge Keino (centre) and Stephen Soi when they appeared before a previous parliamentary committee. Photo by: Ronnie Evans.

Ghosts of Rio Olympics Summoned as Public Prosecutor Reopens Investigation

NAIROBI, Kenya - (ViaNews) - Director of Public Prosecution, Noordin Haji, has continued his crackdown on graft by opening the cold case of the...


Rafael Valera, leader of the Venezuelan political movement Rumbo Libertad. Photo by: ViaNews.

Interview with Rafael Valera, leader of the Venezuelan political movement Rumbo...

CARACAS, Venezuela (ViaNews) - Venezuela’s crisis continues to grow rapidly and no one seems able to stop it. After last years failed protests and...


E-75 in Serbia. Photo by: Petar Milošević.

Drivers Don’t Know How to Behave in a Roundabout, Said the Serbian Director of...

BELGRADE, Serbia (ViaNews) - According to the daily newspaper, Blic, driving through the fast lane on the highway can cost the driver 5.000 Serbian dinar, which is about 1/4 of the country's monthly minimum...
Independentists protesting in Autovía A-2. Photo by: ViaNews.

Pro-Catalan Protesters Take to Spain’s Highways to Call for Release of Political Prisoners

Madrid (ViaNews) - Separatists, with reflective vests, independentist Catalan flag, and banners demand the release of "political prisoners." Protesters choose major Spain's highway bridges to protest against the imprisonment of separatist leaders. A small group...
August 10. 2018, protest against corruption in Victory Square, Bucharest, Romania. Photo by: Babu.

Romania Protests: After Communism, Romanians Stand United to Fight Corruption

BUCHAREST, Romania (ViaNews) - Twenty-eight years have passed since the Romanian Revolution. At the end of 1989. there was a period of violent civil unrest which resulted in the overthrowing of the Communist regime...


Goldman Sachs Tower in Jersey city. Photo by: Oriez.

Goldman Sachs Says Yes to Cryptocurrency Custody Service And No to Trading Service

Goldman Sachs was never in the running to set up a cryptocurrency trading desk. Over the past few months, reports have made headlines indicating that the investment company was considering opening a cryptocurrency trading...
Securities and Exchange Commission. Photo by: Ethereum World News Archives.

Will Cryptocurrencies End Up At Zero On Bubble Burst? – Yale Economist Explains

Will cryptocurrency-bubble burst or bounce back? That is the single biggest question among many electric currency enthusiasts make in response to wild price swings experienced in recent months. After a dramatic rise to record...
Reserve bank of India, Headquarters. Photo by: Soham Banerjee

This Is How India And Thailand Policies Have Affected Cryptocurrencies Sentiments

NEW DELHI (India) - A pronunciation by the Reverse Bank of India barring all banks and financial institutions form dealing in virtual currencies has had an adverse effect on the overall cryptocurrency landscape. The...