Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings co-founded Netflix in 1997 and built the company to today’s 65 million subscribers. They are now one of the most successful on-demand Internet streaming media services in the world.

Reed Hastings, in an Interview to the Portuguese daily “Expresso”, said the new support center for the South European region to be based in Lisbon. Sunny Portuguese capital, Lisbon, will serve French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese Netflix clients.

As of today, Netflix is only available in France (since September 2014), and will open in Italy, Portugal and Spain from October 2015.

We’ll have in Lisbon the support center for southern Europe. Our management team visited Portugal several times to move forward with the creation of this support center to serve France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. Lisbon is a great city to live and is not expensive. Our local agency will recruit dozens of people from different nationalities to work in the center.

Reed Hastings (Netflix Co-founder interviewed in “Expresso”)

Netflix Plans for the Future

In the same “Expresso” interview, Reed Hastings said they’re in for world coverage.

We hope to reach worldwide over the next two years. We will have a low penetration in the beginning, but we expect to grow in the following years. We will have a lot of competition because today’s very easy to create a paid TV network. In the future, there will be many alternatives to view television content through apps, TV, PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Reed Hastings (Netflix Co-founder interviewed in “Expresso”)


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