SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (ViaNews) – About the Haitian violence over the last few days, the Dominican newspaper. Diario Libre. reported that business organizations were blaming the country’s President and the former Prime-Minister for “lack of leadership”.

The recent tension in the country spawned from the fuel price increase and some Dominican business organizations are now attributing the unrest to the country leadership for not being able to protect the lives and property of its population.

Jovenel Moise, the President met with the parliament´s leadership (both chambers) to “analyze” the violent demonstrations of the last few days. The meeting was held in the presence of the former prime minister, Jack Gay Lafontant, whose resignation was then demanded by the Haitian business leadership.

Further, it was reported that Moise asked, in his Tweeter account, for a meeting with the President of the Senate, Joseph Lambert and his equivalent in the Chamber of Deputies, Gary Bodeau, as well as the Presiding Judge of the Supreme Court, Jules Cantave.

He further stated that measures would be discussed with the group that would be adopted to “straighten up” the situation. The Government has not offered any details about the results of the meeting. Some hours before, Lafontant had met with his ministers but the results were also not revealed.

Business organizations pinpointed the “lack of security precautions which should be adopted after the announcement of the drastic adjustment of the price of fuel decreed by the government on July 6, 2018. Lafontant´s resignation was demanded “without delay”, so to resolve the current political stagnation.

Diario Libre further informed that: “Violence decreased yesterday in the country after three days of mob attacks and pillage of businesses and the burning of vehicles. The Police were overwhelmed and incapable to control the situation.

Haiti unrest: Protesters pillaged stores, torched cars.
Haiti unrest: Protesters pillaged stores, torched cars.

On Monday, many people were reportedly seen forming long queues in search of food and water. Only a few stores remained open, many have been sacked, others closed. The businesses which opened did so in spite of calls for a strike which would continue another day, according to the transport unions.

The acts of violence began last Friday when the government announced the new prices for fuels for the following day which contained increases of between 37 to more than 50 percent.

One of the government spokesmen, Moise Lucien Jura, stated that “The government made a mistake increasing the price of the petroleum derivatives” in statements to the local press. While recognizing the “wisdom” and “greatness” of the government when it decided to rectify the measure deeming it essential to “recognize” one´s errors and “learn” from them”.

Haitian industry: destroyed

From Santo Domingo, El Nuevo Diario tells us that journalist and member of the consular service, Delis Herasme, revealed this morning that the Haitian industry is destroyed: “More than 100 important tax-paying businesses no longer exist”, due to the protests arising from the fuel increase announcement.”

Herasme further indicated that in Haiti several businesses were burned “without any reaction from anyone because all are suffering from lack of money, that´s the reality now.”

During an interview on the El Sol de la Mañana radio program, he underlined that “at this time there is no negotiation process between the political side and the financial side of the international community.”
He continued to state some very serious facts about the Haitian situation at present: “ The Haitian state is operating with the mínimum amount of resources it needs in order not to close down completely, and, what happens is that the government accepts the measures stipulated by the Monetary Fund, all types of warnings are made as to the financial consequences for Haitian industry.” He stressed.

Herasme pointed out that President Moise is still on Haitian territory “because he can´t leave before resigning as he’s an elected President.

The Dominican Republic beefs up border on Haiti turmoil

Santo Domingo

Dominican defense minister Rubén Paulino affirmed that the country’s embassy in Haiti isn’t in any danger as Dominican troops are guarding it.

“The ambassador is there, our consular staff is also there, we have no risk in our embassy, ​​you are aware of the disorder and looting and all the incidents that happened since Friday night,” the official said.

Paulino said according to his information, the incidents in Haiti have begun to subside since Sunday and it was decided to reinforce and place all border units on general quarter since Friday, both the Army and the Border Corps (CESFRONT), “but above all in the cities of Elías Piña and Jimaní, which are the two cities of the Dominican Republic closest to Port-au-Prince, which was where the major incidents originated.”

“The Armed Forces are always ready to respond to any emergency that arises and especially with people who try to cross our border,” he said quoted by Diario Libre.


New looting took place in Port-au-Prince on Sunday, as residents are trying to return to normal after two days of violent protests including widespread arson sparked by the announced jump in fuel prices, a measure the government was later forced to suspend.


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