Bidroom is a new booking website that guarantees guests always get a great deal. They call themselves a “revolutionary booking platform, that offers new solutions to both the hotels and their guests.” Their goal is to bring fairness back to the travel industry cutting out the excessive costs for both parties.

They have no commission for the hotels and they claim to have the lowest prices for their guests. Bidroom’s two offices, in Amsterdam and Krakow make them claim to have multicultural team. We had an interview with Michael Ros, Bidroom’s co-founder and CEO where we talked about

Miguel Salvado: In one sentence, describe what the company does.

Michael Ros: Bidroom is changing the online booking industry for the better under a membership-based system that offers a commission-free booking channel to hotels and up to 25% lower room prices to travelers.

Michael Ros, COO and Co-Founder of Bidroom.
Michael Ros, COO and Co-Founder of Bidroom.

What’s the company’s unique value proposition?

(B2B) Hotels using Bidroom avoid paying high commissions that are an industry-wide standard, while travelers (B2C) are offered guaranteed lower hotel prices with discounts of up to 25% for over 120,000 hotels in 128 countries

Have you previously been to the Web Summit as Bidroom?

This will be the first time for Bidroom. I will speak at the Growth stage and we have a stand. Bidroom has attended other notable events before like Phocuswright in New York, ITB Berlin, and World Tourism Forum in Lucerne.

What you think to be the biggest challenges in your industry?

The biggest challenge is arguably excessive online hotel commission rates by online travel agencies. For too long, hoteliers have been stuck in a transactional relationship with online hotel platforms based on painfully high commission levels. At, we offer hotels a fresh start by providing them with a commission-free supply of frequent travellers based on our revolutionary membership model. Because of the absence of commissions, hoteliers using can provide up to 25% lower room prices to frequent travellers. Problem solved.

Please provide a good piece of advice you want to share with young entrepreneurs

Believe and never give up. Furthermore, be sure that you’re offering a solution to a problem that has been verified by research and consistently talked about by your potential customers and the media. A well-defined problem is where the solution starts. It also sets the tone for your mission, which has to be emotionally inspiring for your employees to work as hard as you.