Nikola Corporation (NASDAQ:NKLA) shares experienced a drastic drop marking a consistent pattern of losses in recent trading sessions. This observed fall is amidst a general decline in market conditions with NASDAQ also showing a slight drop since yesterday’s trading session.

Performance of tech firm

An Arizona based tech firm, Nikola Corp., renowned for its groundbreaking energy and transportation solutions saw a significant decline. It closed significantly low from its previous 52-week high. This tech firm primarily focuses on developing and selling both battery and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (BEV and FCEV), in addition to offering fueling stations and reliable charging solutions.

Profitability Concerns

Despite Nikola’s innovative solutions, the firm’s profitability remains an area of concern. The Earnings Per Share (EPS) figure for Nikola during its trailing twelve-month earnings period was merely 1.4. Meanwhile, the Return On Equity percentage was negative 137.05%, demonstrating financial distress.

Overbought Stock

Additionally, the Nikola stock is currently classified as “overbought” as per the stochastic oscillator, a popular indicator for overbought and oversold conditions. Worryingly, the trading volume has also diminished drastically falling by 37.93% below its average, with the last reported volume being 50,146,479.

Growth Expectations

Despite the current slump, Nikola anticipates a resurgence in its growth, projecting a rise in the quarters to come. The firm predicts a growth rate of 12% this quarter, escalating to 35.7% for the next. Although sales growth currently stands at negative 14.9%, it is projected to reach 37.9% over time.

Investor Concerns

Nikola’s stock price decline likely mirrors investors’ burgeoning concerns regarding its profitability and the prevailing market conditions. There are reservations specifically about the sales and growth performance in the forthcoming quarters.

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