Alchemix Cryptocurrency is currently on bullish momentum by 41.40% in the last 14 days. At 20:55 EST on Sunday, 11 April, Alchemix is at $1,942.17.

Alchemix Range

Concerning Alchemix’s daily highs and lows, it’s 42.36% up from its trailing 14 days low of $1,364.23 and 3.21% down from its trailing 14 days high of $2,006.66.

Social Status

Currently, Alchemix has 20051 Twitter followers.


Alchemix’s last week, last month’s, and last quarter’s current volatility was 1,081.16%, 1,081.16%, and 1,081.16%, respectively.

Alchemix’s current volatility rank, which measures how volatile a financial asset is (variation between the lowest and highest value in a period), was 1,081.16% (last week), 1,081.16% (last month), and 1,081.16% (last quarter), respectively.

News about Bitcoin

Whipsawed Bitcoin investors eye coinbase as steadier crypto bet. According to Bloomberg Quint on Friday, 9 April, "Elon Musk’s Tesla Inc. and Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy Inc. have both notably added billions worth of Bitcoin to their treasuries. ", "For a crypto investor that also buys stocks, it has the ability to diversify risks as there is a very profitable exchange platform that trades on another venue (stock exchange) whose flows of buyers and sellers can be less correlated than many crypto prices," wrote Greg Foss, a veteran credit trader, Bitcoin investor and chief financial officer for Validus Power Corp., in an email reply to questions."

Bitcoin above $60,000 again on talk of reduced supply. According to FX Empire on Sunday, 11 April, "Justin d’Anethan, sales manager at digital asset company Diginex in Hong Kong, said investors had turned their attention to stock markets and other cryptocurrencies in the past couple of weeks, leaving Bitcoin idling in the upper 50-thousand dollar levels."

Bitcoin tops $60,000 and sets new high over the weekend as Elon Musk aims towards the "moon". According to Business Insider on Sunday, 11 April, "Early Saturday morning, as the cryptocurrency was floating around its weekend high, Tesla and SpaceX CEO (and Technoking) Elon Musk tweeted "…going to moon very soon," in an apparent reference to popular Bitcoin slang "to the moon.", "Supply has been tight as some of Wall Street’s biggest firms have begun to invest in cryptocurrencies, while major payment firms Stripe and Paypal have begun to accept Bitcoin as payment."

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