Shares of Apple rose 4.41% to $127.15 at 15:17 EST on Tuesday, after two consecutive sessions in a row of losses. The Nasdaq Stock Market is jumping 1.01% to $12,566.20, following yesterday’s upward trend, This seems, so far, an all-around positive trend trading session today.

Apple’s last close was $121.78, 8.52% below its 52-week high of $137.98.

News about Apple today

Apple push into India dealt setback as protest turns to violence. According to today’s article on Bloomberg Quint, "”However, we plan to monitor the situation closely – key factors will be the length of the production halt, possible changes in Wistron’s relationship with Apple after this incident, and the progress of Wistron’s Phase II capacity expansion.”", "The Morgan Stanley analysts wrote the immediate impact for Apple is likely to be negligible because the Kolar complex had started up only in past months with a capacity for just 5 to 10 million iPhones yearly. "

Apple reportedly plans 30% rise in iPhone production in h1 to up to 96 mln. According to today’s article on Business Insider, "Apple is also said to be preparing an aggressive production schedule for its high-end computers, including the MacBook Pro and iMac Pro, for 2021.", "Apple In. plans to produce up to 96 million iPhones for the first half of 2021, around 30% higher than the prior year, Nikkei Asia reported citing multiple people familiar with the matter. "

Apple could produce as many as 96 million iPhones in first half of 2021. According to today’s article on MarketWatch, "Apple Inc. shares are up 1.9% in premarket trading Tuesday after Nikkei Asia reported that the company has increased 4.6%."

Apple planning 30% increase in iPhone production for first half of 2021: report. According to today’s article on MarketWatch, "Nikkei Asia noted that supply shortages impacting the entire industry could affect Apple’s ability to meet its production goals. ", "Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives wrote that the report was “another bullish sign” of demand for the iPhone 12 devices that Apple released this fall. "

Apple’s Sales

Apple’s sales growth is 15.3% for the current quarter and 24.5% for the next. The company’s growth estimates for the ongoing quarter and the next is 11.2% and 34.4%, respectively.

Apple’s Revenue

Year-on-year quarterly revenue growth grew by 1%, now sitting on 274.52B for the twelve trailing months.

Apple’s Stock Top and Bottom Yearly Value

Apple’s stock is valued at $127.15 at 15:17 EST, below its 52-week high of $137.98 and way higher than its 52-week low of $53.15.

Apple’s Moving Average

Apple’s worth is higher than its 50-day moving average of $118.05 and way higher than its 200-day moving average of $108.57.

Previous days news about Apple

Apple starts work on its own cellular modem, chip chief says. According to Bloomberg Quint on Thu Dec 10, "Read more: Apple’s Settlement With Qualcomm Starts the Clock on Its Own 5G Modem", "Apple has been hiring engineers from Qualcomm for years to help it build the modem, and has offices focused on the effort in San Diego, at its Cupertino, California headquarters and in Europe."

Apple CEO Tim Cook says he had to take a 'meat axe' to his notifications to reduce his screen time. According to Business Insider on Sun Dec 13, "Read more: The battle between Facebook and Apple over privacy is about more than just ads – it’s about the future of how we interact with tech", "Cook said on the podcast that Apple’s goal is not to have its users spend more time using its devices and that its business model isn’t set up to profit off people clicking around on their phones. "

An Apple TV plus series about gawker media was axed after Tim Cook found out about it. According to Business Insider on Mon Dec 14, "Two Gawker veterans sold the “Scraper” series to Apple TV Plus in January, the Times said. ", "This led to former Apple CEO Steve Jobs ordering the prototype’s return and the police raiding a Gizmodo editor’s house to find it."

Apple fitness+ review: great workouts—for watch owners only. According to The Wall Street Journal on Mon Dec 14, "But the app’s chief requirement-that you own an Apple Watch-will likely turn off people who would otherwise give it a try.", "While the app’s core workout experience is video, streamed on an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, you can’t access the app without the smartwatch. "


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