(VIANEWS) – Over the last 4 hours, Audius (AUDIO-USD) is 28.96% down at 03:55 EST Thursday, 18 November which is 2211.22% lower than the last 48 hours average change.


Today’s last reported volume for Audius is 503873351, 965.89% above its average volume of 47272163.58.


Audius’s last week, last month’s, and last quarter’s current intraday variation average was a negative 1.03%, a positive 0.57%, and a positive 5.22%, respectively.

Audius’s highest amplitude of average volatility was 4.04% (last week), 4.36% (last month), and 5.22% (last quarter), respectively.

Market Cap and Supply

Audius’s current market cap is at 1313073148. Total supply is at 1,061,064,661.34, maximum supply is at 1,061,064,661.34, and circulating supply is at 504,078,968.00.

Social Status

Currently, Audius (AUDIO-USD) has 103523 Twitter followers and 8336 Reddit subscribers.

All TIme High and Low

Audius’s current value is at $2.59 which is 47.43% below its all time high of $4.95 at Saturday, 27 March.

Audius’s current value is at $2.59 which is 5855.8% above its all time low of $4.95 at Friday, 23 October.

News about Bitcoin

  • Bitcoin drops toward $60,000, ether falls amid broad crypto dip. According to Bloomberg Quint on Tuesday, 16 November, "More recently, we’ve also been hearing reports that the Chinese government is set to announce new restrictions against large scale Bitcoin mining, including against state-owned enterprises," he added.", "Cryptocurrencies fell on Tuesday, with Bitcoin sliding toward the $60,000 level and Ether touching one of its lowest levels this month."
  • Argentine analyst carlos maslatón predicts Bitcoin at $1m by 2026 at la bit conf. According to Benzinga on Wednesday, 17 November, "Carlos Maslatón, one of Argentina’s early cryptocurrency adopters, a lawyerand technical analyst, predicted Wednesday that Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) will reach $1 million by 2026.", "The first big wave of Bitcoin goes since it started trading secondarily in the formalized market -2011 -to $1,163 in 2013," he said."
  • $917m in Bitcoin was just transferred between 2 wallets. According to Benzinga on Wednesday, 17 November, "Since this transaction wasn’t sent to an exchange, it’s unlikely that this Bitcoin whale is looking for liquidity. ", "According to Glassnode, there are 502,403 Bitcoin wallets with over $100,000 in BTC."
  • Bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin get caught up in inflation angst — analysts expect near-term pain. According to Benzinga on Tuesday, 16 November, "As per Moya, Bitcoin is still primarily a "store of value trade" and it should benefit from the inflationary pressures."
  • Elon Musk's sanders dig and dogecoin support, Apple patent, fed rate hike prediction, Bitcoin taproot upgrade: 5 headlines you May have missed from the weekend. According to Benzinga on Monday, 15 November, "Bitcoin Rises After Taproot Upgrade: Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) traded higher early Monday after a major upgrade to the apex cryptocurrency’s network, "Taproot," was activated on Sunday. ", "Dogecoin Co-Creator Gets Musk’s Support: Dogecoin (CRYPOTO: DOGE) co-creatorBilly Markus’ comment on Twitter that the meme cryptocurrency’s low fees makes it superior to competing cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Shiba Inu has received support from Tesla CEO Elon Musk."

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