Shares of Baidu, Inc. dropped 3.9% to $142.08 at 15:11 UTC on Tuesday, on what attested to be an all-around rough exchanging session on Wall Street.

The Nasdaq Stock Market jumped 0.04% to $11895.2 at 14:27 UTC. This was the stock’s -3 consecutive sessions of losses.

Baidu, Inc. last close was at $142.47, below its 52-week high of $147.38.

Baidu, Inc.’s sales growth is 3.6% for the ongoing quarter and 6.4% for the next. The company’s growth estimate for the present quarter is 16.3% and a drop of 40.2% for the next.

Baidu, Inc.’s stock is valued at $142.08, above its 52 Week High of $147.38 and way below its 52 Week Low of $82.

Baidu, Inc.’s worth is higher than its 50 day moving average of $129.76.

Baidu, Inc.’s value is way above its 200 day moving average of $119.96.


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