Shares of Boeing rose 3.25% to $218.41 at 11:11 EST on Tuesday, following yesterday’s upward trend. The New York Stock Exchange is jumping 1.39% to $14,192.20, following yesterday’s upward trend, on what up to now seems, an all-around positive trend trading session today.

Boeing’s last close was $211.53, below its 52-week high of $374.77.

Boeing’s sales growth is a negative 7.5% for the current quarter and 0.2% for the next. The company’s growth estimates for the present quarter and the next is 58.8% and 72.9%, respectively.

Year-on-year quarterly revenue growth declined by 29.2%, now sitting on 60.76B for the twelve trailing months.

Boeing’s stock is valued at $218.41 at 11:11 EST, way under its 52-week high of $374.77 and way above its 52-week low of $89.00.

Boeing’s value is way higher than its 50-day moving average of $171.16 and way higher than its 200-day moving average of $169.33.

According to Bloomberg Quint on Fri Nov 20, “FAA Faces Its Own Reckoning as It Gives Boeing Path to Fly Jet.”

According to Bloomberg Quint on Fri Nov 20, “Boeing Max Set for Key European Approval Step Next Week.”

According to Bloomberg Quint on Sat Nov 21, “EU Aviation Safety Chief Sees Boeing 737 Max Approval in January.”


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