(VIANEWS) – DODO (DODO) (DODO-USD) Cryptocurrency is currently on bullish momentum by 40.39% in the last 7 days. At 10:47 EST on Saturday, 31 July, DODO (DODO) (DODO-USD) is at $1.2700.


Today’s last reported volume for DODO (DODO) is 87677173, 60.67% above its average volume of 54569301.56.

All-Time High and Low

DODO (DODO)’s current value is at $1.27, 84.85% below its all-time high of $8.38 on Saturday, 20 February.

DODO (DODO)’s current value is at $1.27, 741.22% above its all time low of $8.38 on Friday, 18 December.

Market Cap and Supply

DODO (DODO)’s current market cap is at 176022079. The total supply is 1,000,000,000.00, maximum supply is 1,000,000,000.00, and the circulating supply is 137,624,635.66.

Social Status

Currently, DODO (DODO) (DODO-USD) has 98820 Twitter followers and 1042 Reddit subscribers.


DODO (DODO)’s last week, last month’s, and last quarter’s current volatility was 3.15%, 0.74%, and 7.14%, respectively.

DODO (DODO)’s current volatility rank, which measures how volatile a financial asset is (variation between the lowest and highest value in a period), was 6.91% (last week), 7.03% (last month), and 7.14% (last quarter), respectively.

News about Bitcoin

Microstrategy Bitcoin bet is a win and a loss at the same time. According to Bloomberg Quint on Friday, 30 July, "The tech company’s 105,085 Bitcoin would produce a paper gain of about $1.4 billion if sold at Friday’s prices — that’s more than double what MicroStrategy has posted in cumulative earnings in the last 25 years, data compiled by Bloomberg show. ", "While MicroStrategy shares are up 60% this year they have shed half their value from a February record amid Bitcoin volatility. "

Bitcoin eyes longest winning streak in 2021 amid crypto rebound. According to Bloomberg Quint on Wednesday, 28 July, "A continuing recovery in Bitcoin has put the largest cryptocurrency on course for its longest winning streak this year.", "For now these narratives have taken the focus away from criticism of Bitcoin for the environmental cost of the energy consumed by the servers underpinning it. "

Brokers sought for $78 million of Bitcoin seized in finnish drug bust. According to Bloomberg Quint on Thursday, 29 July, "Finland is looking for a broker to sell a Bitcoin stash worth more than $78 million that was seized in drug busts."

New IRA product allows for tax-free Bitcoin mining. According to Bloomberg Quint on Thursday, 29 July, "Being able to purchase a Compass miner within your IRA and mine Bitcoin in a tax-advantaged account is an incredible opportunity.", "Now you can cover your costs with the tax-efficient Bitcoin generated from your IRA. "

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