Dogecoin Cryptocurrency is currently on bullish momentum by 580.45% in the last 30 days. At 17:47 EST on Saturday, 1 May, Dogecoin is at $0.37.

Dogecoin Range

Regarding Dogecoin’s daily highs and lows, it’s 516.73% up from its trailing 30 days low of $0.06 and 11.9% down from its trailing 30 days high of $0.42.

Social Status

Currently, Dogecoin has 1023986 Twitter followers and 1586062 Reddit subscribers.

As of now, on Github, there are 1431 forks, 7127 stars, and 568 subscribers.

Crypto Price Classification

According to the stochastic oscillator, a useful indicator of overbought and oversold conditions, Dogecoin’s crypto is considered to be oversold (<=20).

Other News About Dogecoin

Dogecoin price surges after tweets from Elon Musk and mark Cuban. According to CNBC on Wednesday, 28 April, "LONDON – Dogecoin skyrocketed on Wednesday after receiving some celebrity endorsements on Twitter."

News about Bitcoin

Bitcoin at inflection point amid recent selloff, technicals show. According to Bloomberg Quint on Wednesday, 28 April, "Proponents have seized on the money-printing narrative to promote the notion that Bitcoin is a store of wealth, an explanation that’s gained traction in recent months with economists expecting price pressures to pick up.", "Despite its recent turbulence, Bitcoin is still up more than 600% over the past year. "

Nexon joins Tesla in Bitcoin bet with $100 million purchase. According to Bloomberg Quint on Wednesday, 28 April, "In the current economic environment, we believe Bitcoin offers long-term stability and liquidity while maintaining the value of our cash for future investments.", "A growing number of global firms including Tesla Inc. and Square Inc. have moved to purchase Bitcoin in recent months, with more starting to accept the currency as a form of payment. "

Bitcoin rises to two-week high after breaking technical barrier. According to Bloomberg Quint on Friday, 30 April, "Mike McGlone of Bloomberg Intelligence agrees that adoption is in its early days and says Bitcoin appears to be the right fit for today’s rapidly changing digital world. ", "Diminishing supply juxtaposed with historically low interest rates and the substantial amount of money being pumped into the system is a solid foundation for Bitcoin price appreciation, if the rules of economics apply," he wrote in a note."

More news about Dogecoin.


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