NYSE Composite opens in less than eleven hours and Carnival’s pre-market value is already 1.72% up.

The last session, NYSE Composite ended with Carnival jumping 4.08% to $20.92. NYSE Composite jumped 0.41% to $15,044.38, following last session’s upward trend on what was a somewhat positive trend exchanging session.

Carnival’s last close was $20.10, 148.28% below its 52-week high of $51.94.

Carnival’s Sales

Carnival’s sales growth is a negative 97.1% for the current quarter and a decline by 93.8% for the next. The company’s growth estimates for the present quarter and the next is a negative 398.4% and a negative 836.4%, respectively.

Carnival’s Revenue

Year-on-year quarterly revenue growth declined by 99.5%, now sitting on 10.34B for the twelve trailing months.

Carnival’s Stock Yearly Top and Bottom Value

Carnival’s stock is valued at $20.92 at 22:44 EST, way under its 52-week high of $51.94 and way higher than its 52-week low of $7.80.

Carnival’s Moving Average

Carnival’s worth is under its 50-day moving average of $21.29 and way higher than its 200-day moving average of $16.84.


Carnival’s last day, last week, and last month’s average volatility was a negative 0.15%, a negative 0.30%, and a negative 0.29%, respectively.

Carnival’s last day, last week, and last month’s high and low average amplitude percentage was 2.64%, 3.52%, and 4.83%, respectively.

Previous days news about Carnival

Caohejing hi-tech Carnival drives forward with vision to digitalize shanghai. According to Business Insider on Wednesday, 13 January, "The 5th Caohejing Hi-Tech Carnival kicked off on the morning of January 12 with this year’s focus on chip design and fintech to explore how urban digitalization in Shanghai empowers the integrated circuit (IC) industry through financial innovation. "


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