(VIANEWS) – GBP/EUR (GBPEUR) is currently on bullish momentum. At 09:13 EST on Monday, 3 January, GBP/EUR (GBPEUR) is at 1.1886, 1.6% up since the last session’s close.


About GBP/EUR’s daily highs and lows, it’s 1.668% up from its trailing 14 days low of $1.17 and 0.042% up from its trailing 14 days high of $1.19.

GBP/EUR’s yearly highs and lows, it’s 7.986% up from its 52-week low and 0.527% down from its 52-week high.

News about USD/JPY

  • Usd/jpy defends 115.00 at monthly top amid sluggish markets. According to FXStreet on Friday, 31 December, "However, a lack of major data/events and mixed signals from the risk catalysts are likely to have a major part in the USD/JPY pair’s recently subdued performance.", "Failures to cross November 25 low near 115.25 joins overbought RSI conditions to hint at a pullback in the USD/JPY prices. "
  • Usd/jpy clings to the 115.00 threshold amid a risk-off market mood. According to FXStreet on Saturday, 1 January, "The USD/JPY hourly chart portrays the pair has an upward bias, even though it dipped to the confluence of the 50-hour simple moving average (SMA) and the daily pivot point around 115.06.", "Thin liquidity conditions attributed to holidays in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand kept the USD/JPY within familiar levels. "
  • Usd/jpy climbs to over one-month high, around 115.35 amid stronger usd/positive risk tone. According to FXStreet on Monday, 3 January, "The USD/JPY pair edged higher through the early European session and shot to the highest level since November 29, around the 115.35 region in the last hour.", "A combination of factors assisted the USD/JPY pair to gain some follow-through traction on the first trading day of the new year and prolong a one-month-old upward trajectory. "

More news about GBP/EUR (GBPEUR).


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