(VIANEWS) – The NYSE opens in less than four hours and Enterprise Products‘s pre-market value is already 4.88% up.

Enterprise Products’s last close was $23.78, 17% under its 52-week high of $28.65.

The last session, NYSE finished with Enterprise Products (EPD) sliding 0.25% to $23.78. NYSE fell 1% to $13,472.18, after two consecutive sessions in a row of losses, on what was a somewhat bearish trend exchanging session.

About Enterprise Products

Enterprise Products Partners L.P. offers midstream energy services for natural gas producers, consumers, crude oil, petrochemicals and refiners. NGL Pipelines & Services; Crude Oil Pipelines & Services; Natural Gas Pipelines & Services; Petrochemical & Refined Products Services. NGL Pipelines & Services offers natural gas processing as well as related NGL marketing service. The company operates natural gas processing plants in Colorado, Louisiana and Mississippi as well as Texas, New Mexico and Texas. It also has NGL pipelines, NGL fractionation and NGL storage facilities. Crude Oil Pipelines & Services operates crude oil pipelines and crude oil storage. It also manages NGL fractionation facilities, crude oil storage terminals and marine terminals. This segment includes 255 tractor-trailer truck tank trucks used for crude oil transportation. The company also participates in crude oil marketing. Natural Gas Pipelines & Services operates natural gas pipelines to transport, treat and gather natural gas. The company leases underground natural gas storage units in Napoleonville, Louisiana, and owns an underground storage cavern for salt domes in Wharton County in Texas. It also markets natural gas. Petrochemical & Refined Products Services operates the following segments: propylene fractionation, related marketing activities; butane Isomerization Complex and associated deisobutanizer operation; and octane enhance and high purity isobutylene manufacturing facilities. The company also manages refined product terminals and refinements; ethylene export terminals; as well as providing marine transport services and refined products marketing. Houston is the headquarters of this company, which was established in 1968.

Earnings Per Share

As for profitability, Enterprise Products has a trailing twelve months EPS of $1.71.

PE Ratio

Enterprise Products has a trailing twelve months price to earnings ratio of 13.88. Meaning,
the purchaser of the share is investing $13.88 for every dollar of annual earnings.

The company’s return on equity, which measures the profitability of a business relative to shareholder’s equity, for the twelve trailing months is 17.88%.

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