Metadium Cryptocurrency is currently on bearish momentum by 39.15% in the last 14 days. At 20:11 EST on Thursday, 22 April, Metadium is at $0.16.

Metadium Range

Concerning Metadium’s daily highs and lows, it’s 0.91% up from its trailing 14 days low of $0.16 and 49.54% down from its trailing 14 days high of $0.32.

Social Status

Currently, Metadium has 953 Twitter followers and 212 Reddit subscribers.

As of now, on Github, there are 6 forks, 6 stars, and 1 subscribers.

News about Bitcoin

Bitcoin volatility pushes Indian crypto users towards stablecoins. According to Bloomberg Quint on Thursday, 22 April, "One is to have a stable-priced counterweight in their portfolio to volatile assets like Bitcoin and altcoins. ", "Given, Bitcoin prices have been extremely volatile after reaching peak-levels, it makes sense to convert part of holdings in stablecoins so that the returns don’t fluctuate too much," he said."

JPMorgan warns of Bitcoin weakness as futures get liquidated. According to Bloomberg Quint on Wednesday, 21 April, "It’s likely traders including Commodity Trading Advisers (CTAs) and crypto funds were at least partly behind the buildup of long Bitcoin futures in recent weeks, as well as the unwind in past days, they said.", "Over the past few days Bitcoin futures markets experienced a steep liquidation in a similar fashion to the middle of last February, middle of last January or the end of last November," the strategists said. "

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