NEO is currently on bearish momentum. At 11:13 EST on Friday, 15 January, NEO is at $22.76 and down by 8.92% in the last 6 hours.

NEO Range

Over the last six hours, NEO’s higher value was $24.80 and the lower value was $22.76.

Over the last twelve hours, NEO’s higher value was $24.84 and the lower value was $22.75.

Regarding NEO’s daily highs and lows, it’s 0.441% up from its trailing 24-hour low of $22.66 and 8.374% down from its trailing 24-hour high of $24.84.

About NEO’s yearly highs and lows, it’s 438.061% up from its 52-week low and 13.723% down from its 52-week high.


NEO’s last day, last week, and last month’s average volatility was a negative 0.91%, a positive 5.10%, and a positive 1.87%, respectively.

NEO’s last day, last week, and last month’s high and low average amplitude percentage was 7.52%, 17.15%, and 12.38%, respectively.

News about Bitcoin

Bitcoin snaps slide while leaving everyone in dark on true worth. According to Bloomberg Quint on Tuesday, 12 January, "As long as the world is flooded with money and safe assets offer poor compensation, Bitcoin will be relevant," Howard Wang, co-founder of Convoy Investments LLC, wrote in a Jan. 10 note. ", "If the dollar powers through that level then we may have seen a Bitcoin top at $40,000," he said."

Bitcoin rebounds while leaving everyone in dark on true worth. According to Bloomberg Quint on Tuesday, 12 January, "We think a pull back is healthy," said David Grider, lead digital strategist with Fundstrat Global Advisors LLC, who added he doesn’t think the recent price action indicates that Bitcoin has already topped out.", "Pinpointing who is mainly responsible for the rally is one of the many crypto mysteries — Bitcoin funds, momentum chasers, billionaires, day traders, companies and even institutional investors have all been cited."

Bitcoin miner that’s risen 1,400% says more regulation is needed. According to Bloomberg Quint on Tuesday, 12 January, "They will be only authorized by the government whereas something like Bitcoin is by its very nature decentralized. ", "Peter Wall, whose Argo Blockchain Plc is up 1,400% in the past year, said he sees Bitcoin "moving in one direction" as interest in the sector increases and institutional investors come on board. "

Bitcoin historian elias ahonen publishes 2nd book, a 500-page 'history of cryptocurrency'. According to Business Insider on Tuesday, 12 January, "The cover artwork Bitcoin Angel is by acclaimed crypto artist Trevor Jones and symbolizes how many Bitcoin enthusiasts see the digital currency as a sort of saviour. ", "This led Ahonen to become a broker of million-dollar Bitcoin art and to launch a cryptocurrency consulting firm which placed him in the center of the hype. "

People have lost roughly $140 billion in Bitcoin because they forgot their passwords or got locked out of accounts, and would-be millionaires are struggling to access their wallets. According to Business Insider on Tuesday, 12 January, "Gabriel Abed is another Bitcoin owner who lost access to his Bitcoin wallet since 2011 when his laptop was reformatted, losing 800 Bitcoin that are now worth a total of $25 million, according to the Times.", "With Bitcoin prices increasing by over 50% since it reached its all-time high of $20,000 last month, those locked out of their cryptocurrency wallets are becoming desperate as they calculate how much wealth they would gain if only they remembered their passwords."

Bitcoin extends tumble in further blow to volatile crypto boom. According to Bloomberg Quint on Wednesday, 13 January, "An alternative view is that fast money seeking rapid gains helped to propel the quadrupling in Bitcoin over the past year, leaving the rally exposed to the risk of such investors pulling out as momentum wanes.", "They also test recent narratives, such as the argument that Bitcoin is maturing into a hedge against dollar weakness and inflation risk, and attracting longer term investors."

New tech ipos to Bitcoin are on ajay srivastava’s 2021 investing list. According to Bloomberg Quint on Wednesday, 13 January, "Among a host of cryptocurrencies, he advised sticking with Bitcoin because of its wide supervision. "

Bitcoin will break wall street's heart. According to The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, 13 January, "Grayscale’s flagship Bitcoin Trust had assets under management of $1.9 billion at the start of 2020, $4.7 billion by the end of September and $21.1 billion as of Tuesday."

Bitcoin, blackouts and smog are exacerbating iran’s virus woes. According to Bloomberg Quint on Wednesday, 13 January, "The outages have been compounded by the mining of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which uses banks of high-powered computers to verify the legitimacy of transactions and create units of digital coin, government officials have said.", "A spokesman for the country’s electricity industry apologized for the shutdowns on state TV and said power supplies to Bitcoin miners and industry have been strictly limited to meet domestic needs."

Bitcoin is unlike any other bubble we’ve seen so far. According to Bloomberg Quint on Wednesday, 13 January, "While the jury is still out on whether Bitcoin is a bubble, one thing is certain: it’s unlike any other bubble we’ve seen.", "Instead of considering each individual spike and fall as a discrete bubble, there may be more merit in the argument that this volatility is simply part of the price discovery in a new asset class, and that these are not bubbles, but part of a not-so-random walk that will eventually dwindle to give Bitcoin more stability, and ultimately, legitimacy," the analysts wrote."

Bitcoin (btc) builds for the next big break, btc/usd levels. According to DailyFX on Wednesday, 13 January, "Making matters all the more interesting, even as risk factors continued to flare, Gold prices dropped precipitously while Bitcoin put in a major bullish breakout, eventually tagging the $42,000 level last Friday.", "But - rarely do bullish trends translate in a linear fashion, and shortly after this week’s open Bitcoin began to pullback and, at one point, had retraced the bulk of last week’s breakout before finding some buyer support."

Crypto market update: Bitcoin posts massive recovery, XRP faces grayscale setback. According to Business Insider on Thursday, 14 January, "See also: Bitcoin Hype-To-Activity Ratio: What That Tells Us About The Latest Rally", "Most other major altcoins followed the lead of the apex cryptocurrency with Litecoin (LTC) higher by 8.27% at $145.98 and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) up by 3.5% at $491.10."

Is Bitcoin boom a ‘better gold’ or just another bubble?. According to Bloomberg Quint on Thursday, 14 January, "Yet the latest bout of roller-coaster volatility comes as more big investors are speculating that Bitcoin will gain wider acceptance and shake up the financial world, maybe by filling the role of gold as a hedge against inflation better than gold can.", "With the vast spending by governments and central banks in response to the pandemic raising fears of inflation after economies recover, more attention than ever is being paid to Bitcoin as "digital gold," even as inflation remains muted. "

According to CNBC on Thursday, 14 January, "Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust became a popular, publicly traded way for investors to get exposure to cryptocurrency without owning the coins themselves. ", "At the same time as $3 billion flowed into the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust since mid-October, gold ETFs lost $7 billion, according to JPMorgan. "

Bitcoin frenzy drives 900% surge in assets for crypto investment firm grayscale. According to Business Insider on Thursday, 14 January, "Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust garnered the bulk of the inflows, surging to $17.5 billion from $1.8 billion in assets under management as the popular cryptocurrency’s price rocketed higher. ", "A cascade of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust outflows and a collapse of its premium would likely have negative near-term implications for bitcoin," they added in a note to clients."

Bitcoin claws back most of losses from this week’s swift plunge. According to Bloomberg Quint on Thursday, 14 January, "Crypto peers, including Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin, also surged, each adding at least 7%.", "Grayscale, which is behind a popular Bitcoin trust, has seen an uptick in demand. "

Research affiliates quant warns of Bitcoin market manipulation. According to Bloomberg Quint on Thursday, 14 January, "Pickard’s critique finds support in academic research that suggests Bitcoin is influenced by fraudulent trading in a U.S. dollar-backed stablecoin called Tether. ", "He added that Tether is always backed by traditional currency and cash equivalents, and that the rally in Bitcoin is being driven by more institutional investors buying into the market. "

Liquidators want more power to probe south african Bitcoin trader. According to Bloomberg Quint on Friday, 15 January, "MTI, which said in November it has more than 260,000 members, was placed under provisional liquidation last month — allegedly holding Bitcoin worth almost $880 million. ", "The investigation into a failed South African Bitcoin trader is deepening as provisional liquidators appointed to seize control of Mirror Trading International seek to widen the scope of their inquiry."

Bitcoin bank review: comprehensive sign up guide for Bitcoin bank trading app. According to Business Insider on Friday, 15 January, "On October 8, 2020, Square financed $50 million in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin which is 1% of the total assets of the company. ", "All the cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin have outperformed and outclassed all other assets over the last year. "

Bitcoin ends a choppy week of trading with prices below $40,000. According to Bloomberg Quint on Friday, 15 January, "Critics, on the other hand, argue that Bitcoin is another symptom of market froth, with prices prone to manipulation.", "I think Bitcoin is real, has further to run, and the recent selloff was probably profit taking," said Gregory Perdon, co-chief investment officer at Arbuthnot Latham in London. "


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