(VIANEWS) – Shares of Redfin (NASDAQ: RDFN) slid by a staggering 14.32% to $5.30 at 10:17 EST on Wednesday, following the last session’s downward trend. NASDAQ is dropping 0.27% to $11,334.27, following the last session’s downward trend. This seems, so far, a somewhat bearish trend exchanging session today.

Redfin’s last close was $6.18, 80.87% under its 52-week high of $32.30.

About Redfin

Redfin Corporation is a Canadian residential real estate broker company. It operates an online marketplace for real estate and offers real estate services. This includes helping individuals to buy or sell a home. The company also offers title and settlement services, originates and creates mortgages, and purchases and sells houses. The business was previously known as Appliance Computing, Inc. but changed its name in May 2006 to Redfin Corporation. Redfin Corporation was established in 2002. It is located in Seattle, Washington.

Earnings Per Share

As for profitability, Redfin has a trailing twelve months EPS of $-0.23.

The company’s return on equity, which measures the profitability of a business relative to shareholder’s equity, for the twelve trailing months is negative -73.27%.


Redfin’s intraday variation average for the week and quarter ended last week at 3.14%. 1.66% and 4.71% respectively.

Redfin had the highest average volatility amplitudes of 4.68%, 4.92% and 4.71% last week.


Redfin’s current reported volume is 2032111, 52.9% lower than its usual volume of 4314780.

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