Serum (SRM-USD) Cryptocurrency is currently on bullish momentum by 36.88% in the last 14 days. At 20:15 EST on Tuesday, 6 July, Serum (SRM-USD) is at $3.74.


Today’s last reported volume for Serum is 82971820, 63.98% below its average volume of 230326987.26.

All-Time High and Low

Serum’s current value is at $3.74, 71.12% below its all-time high of $12.98 on Monday, 3 May.

Serum’s current value is at $3.74, 3312.8% above its all time low of $12.98 on Tuesday, 11 August.

Market Cap and Supply

Serum’s current market cap is at 186903762. The total supply is 161,000,001.00, maximum supply is 10,000,000,000.00, and the circulating supply is 50,000,000.00.

Social Status

Currently, Serum (SRM-USD) has 94861 Twitter followers.


Serum’s last week, last month’s, and last quarter’s current volatility was a positive 1.48%, a negative 0.85%, and a positive 7.90%, respectively.

Serum’s current volatility rank, which measures how volatile a financial asset is (variation between the lowest and highest value in a period), was 4.75% (last week), 5.63% (last month), and 7.90% (last quarter), respectively.

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