(VIANEWS) – Over the last 6 hours, Terra (LUNA) (LUNA-USD) is 50.74% up at 17:06 EST Monday, 16 May which is 3555.33% higher than the last 48 hours average change.


Today’s last reported volume for Terra (LUNA) is 2309022879, 39.79% above its average volume of 1651717641.68.


Terra (LUNA)’s last week, last month’s, and last quarter’s current intraday variation average was a negative 6.77%, a negative 2.18%, and a positive 12.69%, respectively.

Terra (LUNA)’s highest amplitude of average volatility was 112.52% (last week), 29.16% (last month), and 12.69% (last quarter), respectively.

Market Cap and Supply

Terra (LUNA)’s current market cap is at 1229647645

Social Status

Currently, Terra (LUNA) (LUNA-USD) has 1045163 Twitter followers and 70983 Reddit subscribers.

All TIme High and Low

Terra (LUNA)’s current value is at $0 which is 100% below its all time high of $119.18 at Tuesday, 5 April.

Terra (LUNA)’s current value is at $0 which is 18725.05% above its all time low of $119.18 at Friday, 13 May.

Crypto Price Classification

According to the stochastic oscillator, a useful indicator of overbought and oversold conditions, Terra (LUNA)’s crypto is considered to be overbought (>=80).

News about Bitcoin

  • Btc/usd forecast: Bitcoin trying to find its feet – 13 May 2022. According to DailyForex on Friday, 13 May, "This does not bode well for crypto, and of course Bitcoin will suffer as a result. ", "At this point, I do not have a scenario in which I would be a buyer of Bitcoin or any other crypto for that matter, as they all are toxic at this point. "
  • Bitcoin forecast: volatile bear market – 16 May 2022. According to DailyForex on Monday, 16 May, "I think at this point, you are looking to fade rallies, and I would not be surprised at all to see the Bitcoin market go all the way down to the $20,000 level. ", "As long as the US dollar is strong, the Bitcoin market has no real hope, as the quote currency is the greenback. "

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