(VIANEWS) – The NYSE opens in less than two hours and United Microelectronics‘s pre-market value is already 4.56% up.

United Microelectronics’s last close was $5.67, 55.28% under its 52-week high of $12.68.

The last session, NYSE ended with United Microelectronics (UMC) jumping 1.8% to $5.67. NYSE jumped 2.85% to $13,855.72, following the last session’s upward trend on what was an all-around up trend exchanging session.

About United Microelectronics

United Microelectronics Corporation is a semiconductor wafer findry that operates in Taiwan, Singapore and China. It offers circuit design, wafer fabrication and mask tooling services. The company serves integrated device makers and fabless design firms. United Microelectronics Corporation, which was established in 1980, is located in Hsinchu City in Taiwan.

Earnings Per Share

As for profitability, United Microelectronics has a trailing twelve months EPS of $0.55.

PE Ratio

United Microelectronics has a trailing twelve months price to earnings ratio of 10.4. Meaning,
the purchaser of the share is investing $10.4 for every dollar of annual earnings.

The company’s return on equity, which measures the profitability of a business relative to shareholder’s equity, for the twelve trailing months is 28.62%.

Revenue Growth

Year-on-year quarterly revenue growth grew by 41.5%, now sitting on 250.48B for the twelve trailing months.

Yearly Top and Bottom Value

United Microelectronics’s stock is valued at $5.67 at 08:10 EST, below its 52-week low of $5.87.

Growth Estimates Quarters

The company’s growth estimates for the ongoing quarter and the next is 15.4% and 17.4%, respectively.

Moving Average

United Microelectronics’s worth is way below its 50-day moving average of $6.69 and way under its 200-day moving average of $8.55.

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