(VIANEWS) – Over the last 12 hours, Venus (XVS) (XVS-USD) is 26.1% up at 14:27 EST Thursday, 19 May which is 1798.13% higher than the last 48 hours average change.


Today’s last reported volume for Venus (XVS) is 80172256, 74.51% above its average volume of 45939888.46.


Venus (XVS)’s last week, last month’s, and last quarter’s current intraday variation average was a positive 3.45%, a negative 2.30%, and a positive 4.87%, respectively.

Venus (XVS)’s highest amplitude of average volatility was 7.01% (last week), 6.22% (last month), and 4.87% (last quarter), respectively.

Market Cap and Supply

Venus (XVS)’s current market cap is at 75660674. Total supply is at 29,745,109.54, maximum supply is at 30,000,000.00, and circulating supply is at 13,109,997.96.

Social Status

Currently, Venus (XVS) (XVS-USD) has 153173 Twitter followers.

As of now, on Github, there are 86 forks, 165 stars, and 29 subscribers.

All TIme High and Low

Venus (XVS)’s current value is at $5.75 which is 96.09% below its all time high of $146.82 at Monday, 10 May.

Venus (XVS)’s current value is at $5.75 which is 247.29% above its all time low of $146.82 at Tuesday, 6 October.

News about Bitcoin

  • Btc/usd forecast: Bitcoin struggles to get up – 18 May 2022. According to DailyForex on Wednesday, 18 May, "In order for the Bitcoin market to take off for a bigger move, we would need to see the US dollar calm down. ", "If we were to break down below the $25,000 level, that will open up the floodgates and almost assuredly kick-off a "crypto winter." In that scenario, I will be looking to buy bits and pieces of Bitcoin over the next couple of years, because it probably will not do anything for quite some time. "
  • Btc/usd forecast: Bitcoin continues to drift lower – 19 May 2022. According to DailyForex on Thursday, 19 May, "The Bitcoin market fell rather hard on Wednesday as the $30,000 level has caused a bit of resistance. ", "After all, this is a market that has failed miserably as of late and based on the action that we have seen over the last 24 hours, it looks like Bitcoin has further to go."

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