(VIANEWS) – WAX (WAXP) (WAXP-USD) Cryptocurrency is currently on bearish momentum by 30.55% in the last 7 days. At 17:26 EST on Tuesday, 21 September, WAX (WAXP) (WAXP-USD) is at $0.2009.


Today’s last reported volume for WAX (WAXP) is 13450758, 65.52% below its average volume of 39014156.6.

All-Time High and Low

WAX (WAXP)’s current value is at $0.2, 92.51% below its all-time high of $2.77 on Tuesday, 9 January.

WAX (WAXP)’s current value is at $0.2, 1201.37% above its all time low of $2.77 on Monday, 30 December.

Market Cap and Supply

WAX (WAXP)’s current market cap is at 364740926. The total supply is 3,770,303,327.00, maximum supply is 3,770,303,327.00, and the circulating supply is 1,757,525,488.16.


Concerning WAX (WAXP)’s daily highs and lows, it’s 0.47% up from its trailing 7 days low of $0.2000 and 30.71% down from its trailing 7 days high of $0.2900.

Social Status

Currently, WAX (WAXP) (WAXP-USD) has 151710 Twitter followers and 5037 Reddit subscribers.


WAX (WAXP)’s last week, last month’s, and last quarter’s current volatility was a negative 2.37%, a positive 2.22%, and a positive 5.21%, respectively.

WAX (WAXP)’s current volatility rank, which measures how volatile a financial asset is (variation between the lowest and highest value in a period), was 2.89% (last week), 7.15% (last month), and 5.21% (last quarter), respectively.

Crypto Price Classification

According to the stochastic oscillator, a useful indicator of overbought and oversold conditions, WAX (WAXP)’s crypto is considered to be overbought (>=80).

News about Bitcoin

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  • El Salvador leader bukele extends bet on Bitcoin after 16% loss. According to Bloomberg Quint on Monday, 20 September, "Prices of Bitcoin and other digital currencies slumped on Monday as a broad selloff sparked by worries about contagion from China Evergrande Group swept through global markets. ", "El Salvador made Bitcoin legal tender alongside the dollar from Sept. 7 in the biggest test so far of the currency’s usefulness as a medium of exchange."
  • Bitcoin retreats to August low amid bout of global market angst. According to Bloomberg Quint on Tuesday, 21 September, "Katie Stockton, founder of Fairlead Strategies, flagged the same level as a potential support in a note, while adding Bitcoin is still in a long-term uptrend."
  • Anonymous Bitcoin founder commemorated in budapest with bronze featureless statue. According to Business Insider on Saturday, 18 September, "Renewed interest in the Bitcoin founder’s identity spiked again when crypto exchange platform Coinbase filed an IPO in February and symbolically sent a copy of its filing to Nakamoto. ", "The sculpture has no discernible features and is instead a mirrored surface that allows visitors to see their own reflections in the face of Nakamoto’s, alluding to Bitcoin enthusiasts’ long-held belief that "We are all Satoshi," and Bitcoin belongs to everyone who uses it. "
  • Btc/usd forecast: Bitcoin has tough open for the week – 21 September 2021. According to DailyForex on Tuesday, 21 September, "The Bitcoin market has initially rallied during the course of the trading session on Monday but gave back quite a bit of momentum just below the $49,000 level. ", "However, the market has also seen a lot of pushback, so I think at this point it is likely that the Bitcoin market is going to continue to be very choppy and noisy to say the least. "

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