(VIANEWS) – Riot Blockchain Inc’s stock price (NASDAQ:RIOT) rose by more than 18% before the market. The price rise of Bitcoin is attracting investors. Riot Blockchain, a North American company that specialises in cryptocurrency mining operations, is called Riot Blockchain.

Pre-market, the stock price of Riot Blockchain Inc (NASDAQ: RIOT) rose by almost 20%. The rising price of Bitcoin has elicited a favorable response from investors. Riot Blockchain is a firm based in North America that specializes in bitcoin mining activities.

Today, the values of bitcoin, ethereum, and dogecoin have all climbed by more than 7% in the last 24 hours. As of Wednesday morning, Bitcoin has reached a fresh six-week high of $38,680.

One of the reasons bitcoin’s price is rising is speculation that Amazon would begin taking the cryptocurrency at the end of this year.

News about Bitcoin

Btc/usd forecast: Bitcoin continues to struggle – 26 July 2021. According to DailyForex on Monday, 26 July, “Furthermore, the $20,000 level is an area that is not only a large, round, psychologically significant figure, but it is also an area where we had peaked during the last Bitcoin bubble. “, “Ultimately, I think that the market is going to continue to see downward pressure, so buying Bitcoin is probably the least prudent of actions. ”

Investors inundate zap’s mallers after El Salvador Bitcoin push. According to Bloomberg Quint on Saturday, 24 July, “The 27-year-old founder of a Bitcoin money-transfer startup Zap Solutions Inc. burst onto the mainstream in June when El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele embraced Bitcoin. “, “While it’s not El Salvador’s exclusive Bitcoin payments provider, Zap’s app, Strike, is the most popular mobile application in the Central American nation; it allows anyone to send or pay with Bitcoin for free.”

Bitcoin surges toward $40,000 level, extending recent recovery. According to Bloomberg Quint on Monday, 26 July, “But it got a boost when Elon Musk — at “The B Word” conference on Wednesday — said he wants Bitcoin to succeed and that his space-exploration company SpaceX Inc. owns some. “, “Star investor Cathie Wood said corporations should consider adding Bitcoin to their balance sheets, while Square Inc. CEO Jack Dorsey said the coin is resilient.”

More news about Ethereum (ETH-USD).


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