(VIANEWS) – The NASDAQ ended the session with Wix.com jumping 6.88% to $77.25 on Wednesday, following the last session’s upward trend. NASDAQ rose 2.05% to $11,051.64, following the last session’s upward trend on what was an all-around up trend trading session today.

Wix.com’s last close was $72.28, 65.17% below its 52-week high of $207.52.

About Wix.com

Wix.com Ltd. and its subsidiaries develop and market a cloud-based platform which allows anyone to build a website, or web app in North America and Europe. Wix Editor is a drag and drop visual development platform and website editor. Wix ADI allows users to build websites that meet their needs. Corvid by Wix can be used to make web apps and websites. Ascend by Wix is also available, giving users access to approximately 20 products and features that will allow them to communicate with customers and automate their work. Wix Logo Maker allows users to create a logo by using artificial intelligence. Wix Answers provides support infrastructure, enabling users to assist their users via various channels. Wix Payments is a platform which lets users get payments through Wix. The company also offers a variety of vertically-specific apps that allow business owners to manage various parts of their online business. It also offers a variety of complimentary services such as App Market, where registered users can install and uninstall various paid and free web apps; Wix Arena which brings together users looking for help creating and managing websites with Web experts; Wix App native mobile app, which allows users to manage and update their Wix operating system and Websites. The company has approximately 6 million premium subscribers and 222 million users as of December 31, 2021. Wixpress Ltd. used to be the company’s name. Wix.com Ltd. was established in 2006. It is located in Tel Aviv in Israel.

Earnings Per Share

As for profitability, Wix.com has a trailing twelve months EPS of $-3.04.

The company’s return on equity, which measures the profitability of a business relative to shareholder’s equity, for the twelve trailing months is negative -267.23%.

Growth Estimates Quarters

The company’s growth estimates for the current quarter and the next is a negative 21.4% and a negative 9.5%, respectively.

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