ANKARA, Turkey (ViaNews) – According to the reports from the ministry of health, some cities in the southeast of the country and a facility in Istanbul has been quarantined following the increase of anthrax patients.

Fahrettin Koca, Minister of Health told in a written statement: “48 people, who were in contact with cattle suspected to be infected by anthrax were sent to our facilities for examination. Six of these people were confirmed to develop skin lesions, which is a symptom of anthrax infection.”

According to the Minister of Forestry and Agriculture, two neighbourhoods of Istanbul’s Silivri district were quarantined and more than 3000 animals were vaccinated as a precaution.

There were similar reports from Ankara and Sivas as well.

Authorities detected that cattle imported from Brazil to Meat and Milk Institution were infected with anthrax. After the sudden death of more than 140 animals on a farm in Ankara, authorities detected signs of anthrax, leading them to kill the animals and keep the farm under quarantine.

A few days later a family of three from Sivas was hospitalized for anthrax suspicion after eating an infected animal.

According to Demirören News Agency, the family butchered their animal after its sudden death, before they recognized the symptoms. While the daughter and the father are discharged from the hospital, the son is still being kept in quarantine.

Cagri Akyurt
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