ISTANBUL, Turkey (ViaNews) – Two suspects have been taken into custody by the Turkish police after several gunshots were fired at the US Embassy in Ankara on August 20. The Turkish government condemned the attack as “a clear provocation” according to Hurriyet.

The spokesperson of the US Embassy David Gainer told Hurriyet that a security incident took place at the Embassy, without any reports of injuries. He also thanked the Turkish National Police and told they’re investigating the details.

Six shots were fired and three bullets hit the metal door and the glass panel of the security cabin.

The Turkish National Police assumed the attack as terrorism and started to investigate the security cameras, which led them to a white car used by two attackers. The police detained two suspects later that day.

The attackers, Çelikten and Gündaş confessed their crimes and told they were under the influence of the tension between Turkey and the USA. The police told the two attackers to have previous criminal reports for theft, drug dealing and bodily harm. Çelikten was also wanted by the police for jailbreak.

No organizational connections

The weapon used in the shooting was sent to the crime lab to determine if it’s used for any other crime. The police investigation also determined the two assailants don’t have any connection with terrorist organizations.

Turkish official reactions

The attack is condemned in a Tweet by İbrahim Kalın, the presidential spokesperson. Kalın told the attack is clearly an attempt to create chaos.

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu told: “Time will show if that’s a provocation following recent events, a common crime, or an attempt to provoke by making it look like as a petty crime.”

Ömer Çelik, spokesman for the Justice and Development Party said: “Turkey is a safe country. This is clearly a provocation.”


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