Our Culture

Via News is the truly global unbiased world news agency

We’re a global top and breaking news source.

Founding principles

  • Reliable, unbiased, fact-checked, and accurate information.
  • Finding news or perspectives others miss.
  • The global go-to SME business news source.
  • Act upon one’s beliefs to create a better world.
  • Provide Information allowing people to make better decisions.
  • For the world population whose desire for understanding made this venture possible.
  • For the Internet industry, and all the people who build it, who’s pioneering vision allowed for the fastest mass information platform known to mankind.
  • For the ones before us who dedicated, and sometimes gave, their lives to deliver the news.
  • For those who collaborate with us today, sharing their insight and committed to delivering better news

The global news network, Via News

Miguel Salvado (Founder of Via.News)