Freshpet Stock Over 9% Up So Far Today

Freshpet Inc. (FCFT), a natural pet food producer, saw shares soar by 9.62% to $0.83 at 11:22 EST Monday afternoon amid a slightly negative trading session (0.13% decline on NASDAQ following four consecutive losses).

Price Rise Amid Fluctuations

Freshpet’s share price rose slightly despite fluctuation in its last session – closing at $0.74 in its final session, or 0.35% higher than its 52-week high of $0.48 – signifying increased investor trust in its business that has presence across North America and Europe.

Freshpet’s Stock Valuation

Notably, Freshpet stock was valued at $0.83 at 11:22 EST today – surpassing its 52-week high by over 70%! However, its trailing 12-month earnings per share (EPS) is currently 1.46 and it boasts a negative return on equity (ROE) of -8.06%, suggesting that while making profit is evident within Freshpet, their equity may not be leveraged effectively to drive further profits.

Expected Growth

Current and next quarter growth estimates for Freshpet are 4.4% and 59%, demonstrating strong projected expansion and likely contributing to its strong performance as an investment vehicle.

Investment Risk and Opportunities

Due to its volatility rate – measured by average intraday variation in the past week, month and quarter – caution is advised due to price swings that could range anywhere from 0.07% up to 1.68% in any quarter. These price swings suggest opportunities as well as risky market conditions may exist for this company.

Considerations for Investors

Although Freshpet stock has seen rapid growth, investors must carefully consider various aspects of investment decisions before making their selections. Growth estimates, profitability ratios, and company volatility must all be carefully considered in making wise investment choices.

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