OpenAI company structure

OpenAI’s Hybrid Nonprofit and For-Profit Structure And who Owns it

OpenAI, Inc., best known for developing ChatGPT, has a board of directors who oversee its nonprofit entity. They represent shareholders’ interests when making pivotal decisions regarding an organization’s policy, strategy, and finances. Nonprofit organizations such as OpenAI, Inc. operate for charitable, educational, or similar purposes, with any profits reinvested to advance the organization’s mission. OpenAI,…

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Rumble Inc. Raises $100 Million in Equity Financing

According to an SEC filing, Rumble Inc., an industry leader in video-sharing platforms, recently secured $100 million in equity financing. The Form D document filed on June 11, 2023, indicates that the company still needs to disclose the names of investors participating in its financing round. Typically this filing occurs when raising capital through private…

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