Niu Technologies Stock Surges 22% In 5 Sessions – Is It A Smart Buy?

(VIANEWS) – Niu Technologies (NASDAQ: NIU) shares have seen their value jump by an incredible 22.34% over the last five trading sessions, increasing from EUR1.97 on Wednesday to EUR2.41 at 03:24 EST on Saturday – which follows a series of gains on NASDAQ (which currently sits at 1.38% at EUR13,487.28) and closing price at EUR2.38, 61.55% below its 52-week high of EUR6.19 representing tremendous upside potential and growth in near future. Investors are optimistically anticipating further gains and growth prospects ahead.

About Niu Technologies

Niu Technologies of Beijing designs, manufactures and sells smart electric scooters and motorcycles, e-bikes and sports bicycles under their NIU brand name. Products available include RQi, NQi, MQi, SQi UQi Gova electric scooters/motorcycles; KQi series one kickscooters; BQi series e-bikes as well as Niu Aero Sports Bicycles.

Niu Technologies also provides accessories and spare parts, including scooter accessories, lifestyle accessories and performance upgrade components. In addition, they provide online repair request, DIY repairs, service station locator, theft reporting and smart check services through their NIU app – as well as selling their products through city partners, franchised stores, distributors and third-party e-commerce platforms in addition to selling through their own online store. Founded in 2014, the company currently sells and services its products via an extensive network of city partners, franchised stores distributors third-party e-commerce platforms as well as their own online storefront. Niu Technologies was officially established as incorporated in 2014.

Yearly Analysis

Niu Technologies (NIU) stock is currently trading at EUR2.41, significantly below its 52-week high of EUR6.19 but higher than its 52-week low of EUR1.94. This suggests that Niu may have been oversold previously but is currently trading within its range.

Niu Technologies is projected to experience sales growth of 7.8% this year and 30.5% the following year, which indicates rapid expansion for their business, which may attract investors searching for companies with high potential growth rates.

Niu Technologies currently boasts an EBITDA figure of 642.82, indicating positive cash flow from operations. Unfortunately, without additional details regarding financial performance and key metrics of Niu Technologies it’s difficult to provide a comprehensive investment outlook.

Before making any investment decisions regarding Niu Technologies, investors must conduct extensive research on the company, including its financial statements, competitive landscape and industry trends.

Technical Analysis

Niu Technologies stock prices continue to fall, currently lying significantly beneath both their 50-day and 200-day moving averages. Today’s trading volume was 421 710; that is 19.83% higher than its average of 273,621.

Niu Technologies has experienced positive weekly, monthly, and quarterly intraday variation averages of 4.73%, 0.99% and 3.37% over the last quarter. Their highest amplitude of average volatility occurred within the last week at 4.73% followed by 4.21% within one month and finally at 3.37% during one quarter.

According to the stochastic oscillator, Niu Technologies stock is currently considered oversold (=20), which could signal a potential price rebound. Investors should proceed with caution and conduct further analysis prior to making any investment decisions.

Quarter Analysis

Niu Technologies, an electric vehicle (EV) industry company, has experienced staggering sales growth for both the current and next quarters. Current quarter sales increased 159% year over year indicating significant consumer awareness of environmental benefits of EVs as well as government incentives that promote their adoption.

Looking forward, revenue growth for the company’s next quarter is anticipated to surge even higher at 913.7%. While such rapid expansion may not be sustainable over the long haul, its cause could lie with expansion plans, new product releases or increased marketing initiatives.

Investors should closely follow Niu Technologies to see whether it can maintain its growth trajectory while continuing to innovate and diversify its product offering. With the EV market seeing exponential expansion worldwide, companies like Niu Technologies that can capitalize on this trend may well position themselves for long-term success; but before making any decisions they must consider competition, market saturation, regulatory changes and any possible investments options that arise.

Equity Analysis

Niu Technologies’ trailing twelve months EPS of EUR-0.17 indicates that they have sustained a loss of EUR0.17 per share over the last year and suggests their current profitability may not be sufficient to maintain operations or provide returns to investors.

Negative Return of Equity for Twelve Trailing Months indicates that this company’s profitability may not be sufficient to generate positive Return on Shareholder Equity, suggesting they may not be using their assets efficiently and creating profits, and its current financial performance is unsustainable in the long term.

Investors considering Niu Technologies as an investment should tread cautiously and thoroughly assess its financial performance, management style and business strategy before making their final investment decisions. Furthermore, investors may benefit from conducting additional research to establish whether its performance may increase in the near future.

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