Editorial Guidelines

Via News

The Via News Editorial Guidelines are a statement of the values and standards we have set for ourselves from the beginning.

We’re committed to delivering the highest editorial and ethical standards in providing business news services. We value providing objective, concrete, and verifiable information to our audience.

We seek to balance our right to freedom of information with our responsibilities. Especially in the matters of respecting privacy or protecting children.


Via News’ commitment to accuracy is a core editorial value and fundamental to our reputation. Our news is well sourced, based on sound evidence, and presented in clear language. We are honest and open about what we don’t know and avoid unfounded speculation.

We strive to get the facts right. All information should be weighed to get the closest possible to the truth. We aim to gather first-hand sources, wherever possible, validate the authenticity of every documentary evidence, and check the claims and allegations made by contributors.


We aim to produce comprehensive, authoritative, and impartial coverage of the news. Controversial subjects get dealt with due accuracy and fairness. We ensure aim to avoid bias or an imbalance of views. Our audiences should not be subject to personal views. Our journalists and contributors only provide professional judgments and shy away from expressing personal opinions.


Via News must not infringe privacy without justified reason. We want to exercise our rights of freedom of expression and information, but we respect the individual’s privacy when fairness and life security and dignity is at stake. While investigating matters which are in the public interest to reveal, the published information should reflect this editorial guideline and the clear public interest.


The politic coverage should have an impartial stance, and different sides of the question should get addressed whenever possible.


Via News has a special responsibility to its audiences when reporting business matters. The public enjoys our focus-based and accurate news to help them make sense, provide context, perspective, and impartial analysis of the information. We draw a well defined line that separates the special interest of the public from corporate advertising or financial interests. We¬† answer only to the public’s interest and information accuracy.

External Relationships

Via News content always follows journalistic principles. We don’t have sponsored or advertising content. Funds from external organizations and individuals can only be used for production costs, logistics, and everything else outside the Via News editorial decisions. We have co-funding and co-productions with recognized co-producers and only utilized in the superior interest of delivering the best information possible to the public.


Content producers should seek the advice of the Via News editorial board or lawyer whenever doubts or legal difficulties should arise. Sometimes, providing accurate, impartial, and fair coverage of the news could involve possible conflict with the law. Also, any proposal to break the law should be denied and must be referred to the editorial board as soon as possible.


Via News is accountable to its public. The trust between Via News and its content producers is crucial to our good faith contract with the public. If justifiable, we’re open to admitting mistakes and learn from them, so proper reporting is due.


All Via News content production, including the website, country-specific publications, magazines, journalists, and other producers are expected to adhere fully to our Editorial Guidelines.

For all questions and other editorial guidelines related subjects, please contact us.