Interview Script

Our journalists are extremely smart and don’t need to be micro-managed. They know they are working with a company that’s at the forefront of the news industry. Our journalists are aware that Via News trusts them completely to do their work are they believe best.

Having said that, we’re providing a short interview script so to provide some structure to all the interviews being produced around the world.

These questions are not mandatory, but we advise our journalists to use them. We know the work can be a bit hectic during conferences, so don’t worry if you fail some of the questions. Just send what you have and we’ll get it published.

What are we accepting and paying for?

We’re looking for interviews with Founders, Co-founders, CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, etc. We want to get a grasp of what business leaders are going through as they manage their business, interact with their competitors and the world.

At the moment we’re paying for video and audio interviews. As for text, we’re only paying when the interview is with someone somewhat prominent.

If you want to produce interviews to be published on Via News, please send an email to with “Video/Audio/Written interview [Your first name]” in the subject line.

Please add previous work you’ve done (if applicable) and links to your website or social profiles.

We’ll answer back with how much we’re willing to pay for the interviews you’re proposing.

What do I need to conduct the interviews?

  • For audio interviews, you just need a microphone. The one you use in your smartphone is enough but it’s better to buy a lavalier mic or something else. You may get a device like a Zoom recorder, but your smartphone can do the job nicely.
  • For written interviews, you’ll need a camera to take some photos of the interview. Any good quality smartphone is more than enough.
  • For video interviews, you’ll need a camera (DSLR or smartphone) with audio input so you may use a microphone. The smartphone can be used with a normal microphone. If you can, also consider investing in a light source. Alternatively, make sure you’re filming under really good light conditions.

Questions script

We’re looking for captivating stories about your businesses, so feel free to add your own questions that could be related to what’s happening in the world right now or questions you feel must be done.

Web Summit. Photo by: ViaNews.
Web Summit. Photo by: ViaNews.

Here are the questions. Please only make them when it makes sense and feel free to use your own.

  • 1) Please describe what your company does.
  • 2) What’s the company’s unique value proposition?
  • 3) What you think to be the biggest challenges in your industry?
  • 4) What you think to be the biggest challenges in your country?
  • 4) What’s you comment on [BREXIT, TRADE WARS, FACEBOOK PRIVACY ISSUES, or any other topic that’s hot in the business world or the company’s industry at the time of the interview.]
  • 5) Please provide a good piece of advice you want to share with young entrepreneurs.

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