Shares of Amazon rose 4.57% to $3,263.38 at 07:36 EST on Thursday, after two successive sessions in a row of gains. NASDAQ Composite is jumping 1.97% to $13,457.25, after two consecutive sessions in a row of gains. This seems, at the moment, an all-around positive trend trading session today.

Amazon’s last close was $3,263.38, 8.85% under its 52-week high of $3,552.25.

News about Amazon today

Amazon offers to help biden with covid vaccine delivery. According to today’s article on Business Insider, "In a letter, Amazon executive Dave Clark, while congratulating Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, wrote the company stands ready to assist them in reaching their goal of vaccinating 100 million Americans in the first 100 days of the new administration.", "Amazon is the nation’s second-biggest private employer behind Walmart Inc. Most of its employees work in essential roles at Amazon fulfillment centers, AWS data centers, and Whole Foods Market stores."

Amazon’s Sales

Amazon’s sales growth is 36.7% for the present quarter and 26.3% for the next. The company’s growth estimates for the present quarter and the next is 10.8% and 80%, respectively.

Amazon’s Revenue

Year-on-year quarterly revenue growth grew by 37.4%, now sitting on 347.95B for the twelve trailing months.


Amazon’s last day, last week, and last month’s average volatility was 4.57%, 0.91%, and 0.04%, respectively.

Amazon’s last day, last week, and last month’s high and low average amplitude percentage was 3.30%, 2.08%, and 1.99%, respectively.

Amazon’s Stock Yearly Top and Bottom Value

Amazon’s stock is valued at $3,263.38 at 07:36 EST, below its 52-week high of $3,552.25 and way higher than its 52-week low of $1,626.03.

Amazon’s Moving Average

Amazon’s worth is higher than its 50-day moving average of $3,182.90 and higher than its 200-day moving average of $3,175.30.

Previous days news about Amazon

France’s carrefour is left to fight Amazon and aldi alone. According to Bloomberg Quint on Monday, 18 January, "Today that one-stop shop is Amazon Inc., which remains an ever present threat to Carrefour’s online grocery efforts and its in-store non-food sales. "

Amazon prime membership has grown to 142 million in the U.S.. According to MarketWatch on Tuesday, 19 January, "Typically during the holidays, Amazon will see a spike in monthly Prime members as shoppers seek to take advantage of the program’s perks, such as free shipping, without making a long-term commitment."

An Amazon employee group sent an 'anti-surveillance' petition with over 200 signatures to CEO jeff bezos. According to Business Insider on Tuesday, 19 January, "The practices that Amazon engages in by monitoring its labor force for signs of dissent discourages workers from being able to voice their issues collectively through structures like a union," a representative from Amazonians for Employee Privacy said in an email statement.", "But Amazon also pushed back by firing two of the group’s most prominent members, Emily Cunningham and Maren Costa, after they called out the company’s unsafe warehouse working conditions and weak climate policies."

Amazon fights EU for allowing separate antitrust sales probe. According to Bloomberg Quint on Wednesday, 20 January, "Amazon asked the EU’s General Court to strike down part of a European Commission decision last year to open an investigation into the "buy box," where Amazon highlights sellers of a particular product. ", "The EU is checking how Amazon selects retailers for the highlighted buy box on pages that attract some 80% of sales. "

Parler was rejected by at least 6 large providers to host it after Amazon took it offline. According to Business Insider on Wednesday, 20 January, "Social media platform Parler asked at least six large providers to host its website after Amazon Web Services (AWS) gave it the boot – and they all said no.", "Parler last week hit Amazon with an antitrust lawsuit, disputingthe tech giant’s claimsthat it repeatedly warned Parler about violent content."

Encryption consulting accepting enrollment into its Amazon web services (aws) crypto training course. According to Business Insider on Wednesday, 20 January, "Encryption Consulting, the expert in Encryption, PKI & HSM consulting and training, is proud to announce its expansion into Cloud Data Discovery, Cloud Data Protection, and Cloud Data Governance, beginning with its AWS Crypto Training course for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform."

Amazon offers to help biden administration with vaccinations. According to Bloomberg Quint on Wednesday, 20 January, "He reiterated a request Amazon made to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last month asking that frontline workers among the company’s more than 800,000 U.S. employees receive vaccines at the "earliest appropriate time.", "Still, Amazon last year said that some 20,000 of its employees had tested positive for the virus in the first six months of the pandemic. "


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