(VIANEWS) – district0x (DNT-USD) cryptocurrency is currently on bullish momentum by 32.03% in the last 7 days. At 21:45 EST on Thursday, 25 November, district0x (DNT-USD) is at $0.1967.


Today’s last reported volume for district0x is 59431944, 256.32% above its average volume of 16679015.93.

All-Time High and Low

district0x’s current value is at $0.2, 59.34% below its all-time high of $0.48 on Monday, 19 April.

district0x’s current value is at $0.2, 8968.24% above its all time low of $0.48 on Friday, 13 March.

Market Cap and Supply

district0x’s current market cap is 147701727.

district0x (DNT-USD) Range

Regarding district0x’s daily highs and lows, it’s 31.16% up from its trailing 7 days low of $0.1500 and 1.63% down from its trailing 7 days high of $0.2000.

Social Status

Currently, district0x (DNT-USD) has 72691 Twitter followers and 10365 Reddit subscribers.

As of now, on Github, there are 19 forks, 83 stars, and 11 subscribers.


district0x’s last week, last month’s, and last quarter’s current intraday variation average was 2.42%, 0.14%, and 3.67%, respectively.

district0x’s highest amplitude of average volatility was 5.83% (last week), 3.77% (last month), and 3.67% (last quarter), respectively.

Crypto Price Classification

According to the stochastic oscillator, a useful indicator of overbought and oversold conditions, district0x’s crypto is considered to be oversold (<=20).

News about Bitcoin

  • Bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin show signs of recovery but analytics firm says thanksgiving holiday doesn't bode well for cryptos. According to Benzinga on Wednesday, 24 November, "If Bitcoin can break above the $60,000 level that would confirm a double bottom pattern which is a bullish signal and could result in Bitcoin resuming its uptrend in the short term to new all-time-highs," said Sotiriou.", "What Happened: The apex cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC), rose 2.12% higher at $57,681.17 over 24 hours. "
  • Bitcoin to shiba inu, local prices plunge as government lists cryptocurrency bill. According to Bloomberg Quint on Wednesday, 24 November, "On WazirX, one of India’s larger exchanges, Bitcoin was down 24% over the last 24 hours. ", "When demand is high, Bitcoin prices trade at a premium to the offshore value when converted from dollars to rupee. "
  • Bitcoin miner griid is in talks to go public via merger with adit edtech SPAC. According to Bloomberg Quint on Wednesday, 24 November, "Griid, which says its procures cheap, carbon-free energy to manage, build and operate a portfolio of U.S.-based Bitcoin mining facilities, announced this week that it secured a $525 million facility from Blockchain.com. ", "Other Bitcoin miners that have agreed to go public via SPAC mergers include Cipher Mining Inc., Core Scientific and Bitdeer Technologies Holding Co., which announced last week that it struck a deal with Blue Safari Group Acquisition Corp."
  • BOE chief is worried by El Salvador’s move to adopt Bitcoin . According to Bloomberg Quint on Thursday, 25 November, "Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey said El Salvador’s decision to adopt Bitcoin as its currency was concerning because consumers probably will be caught out by its volatility."
  • $893m in Bitcoin was just transferred between 2 wallets. According to Benzinga on Thursday, 25 November, "It takes about $15 to $30 million of sell pressure to move the price of Bitcoin down 2% on any given exchange.", "Why it matters: Cryptocurrency whales that own millions of dollars in Bitcoin tend to move markets single-handedly. "

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