NEO is currently on bearish momentum. At 04:14 EST on Sunday, 27 December, NEO is at $14.74 and down by 3.87% in the last 6 hours.

NEO Range

Over the last six hours, NEO’s higher value was $15.31 and the lower value was $14.74.

Over the last twelve hours, NEO’s higher value was $15.31 and the lower value was $14.74.

Regarding NEO’s daily highs and lows, it’s 2.933% up from its trailing 24-hour low of $14.32 and 3.723% down from its trailing 24-hour high of $15.31.

Regarding NEO’s yearly highs and lows, it’s 248.463% up from its 52-week low and 43.177% down from its 52-week high.


NEO’s last day and last week average volatility is a negative 1.40% and a positive 7.78%, respectively. NEO’s high and low amplitude percentage in the last week was 14.33%.

News about Bitcoin

 michael saylor, the CEO who turned a software company into a Bitcoin company. According to Bloomberg Quint on Thu Dec 24, "Then, as Bitcoin ran up, it bought more, and the stock has now soared thanks to the bet. ", "We speak with MicroStrategy’s CEO, Michael Saylor, on why he thinks Bitcoin is the best reserve asset for any company."

Bitcoin rally has already outlasted 2017 run. According to The Wall Street Journal on Thu Dec 24, "Bitcoin bulls say the money fueling this year’s rally is coming from more reliable sources than past rallies. "

Bitcoin crushes doubters as 224% rally proves it’s here to stay. According to Bloomberg Quint on Thu Dec 24, "Bitcoin just won’t go away. ", "Since Bitcoin’s market capitalization reached $1 billion in March 2013, there have been two cycles of spikes to record highs, followed by drawdowns of more than 80%. "

Luxxfolio to acquire 590 Bitcoin miners. According to Business Insider on Thu Dec 24,

Bitcoin surges to fresh record high and looks set to break the $25,000 level: 'merry bitmas'. According to Business Insider on Fri Dec 25, "Bitcoin is soaring once again, hitting a new record price of $24,661 on Friday, with investors declaring "Happy Bitmas," on social media.", "However, Bitcoin investors – known for their unquenchable optimism – think this is just the start."

Bitcoin miners in nordic region get a boost from cheap power. According to Bloomberg Quint on Sun Dec 27, "The current market dynamics give big miners alternatives to places where Bitcoin are usually created such as China, Kazakhstan and Canada.", "The resulting glut in the most important raw material for making the virtual coins coincided with a year when the price of Bitcoin tripled."


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