(VIANEWS) – OriginTrail (TRAC-USD) cryptocurrency is currently on bullish momentum by 25.69% in the last 24 hours. At 16:20 EST on Monday, 27 December, OriginTrail (TRAC-USD) is at $1.4500.


Today’s last reported volume for OriginTrail is 9205511, 3.1% below its average volume of 9500299.36.

All-Time High and Low

OriginTrail’s current value is at $1.45, 57.75% below its all-time high of $3.5 on Wednesday, 3 November.

OriginTrail’s current value is at $1.45, 38335.79% above its all time low of $3.5 on Friday, 13 March.

Market Cap and Supply

OriginTrail’s current market cap is 527874996.

Social Status

Currently, OriginTrail (TRAC-USD) has 42915 Twitter followers and 11640 Reddit subscribers.

As of now, on Github, there are 28 forks, 127 stars, and 31 subscribers.


OriginTrail’s last week, last month’s, and last quarter’s current intraday variation average was a positive 0.60%, a negative 0.87%, and a positive 7.71%, respectively.

OriginTrail’s highest amplitude of average volatility was 3.63% (last week), 4.97% (last month), and 7.71% (last quarter), respectively.

News about Bitcoin

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