NASDAQ Composite opens in less than eleven hours and Pinduoduo’s premarket value is already 1.71% up.

The last session, NASDAQ Composite finished with Pinduoduo dropping 5.58% to $176.75. NASDAQ Composite fell 0.61% to $12,740.79, following last session’s downward trend on what was a somewhat rough trend trading session.

Pinduoduo’s last close was $187.20, 6.20% under its 52-week high of $187.70.


Pinduoduo’s last day, last week, and last month’s average volatility was 12.24%, 5.65%, and 1.30%, respectively.

Pinduoduo’s last day, last week, and last month’s high and low average amplitude percentage was 9.54%, 9.07%, and 6.75%, respectively.

Previous days news about Pinduoduo

Pinduoduo worker’s death renews scrutiny of 996 work culture. According to Bloomberg Quint on Monday, 4 January, "The recent death of a Pinduoduo Inc. employee renewed criticism of the long hours commonly practiced at China’s tech companies, which are already under scrutiny by regulators for anti-competitive business practices.", "Despite the year-end sell-off in Alibaba and its peers, Pinduoduo has emerged relatively unscathed with its stock rising to a record on Dec. 30. "


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