The New York Stock Exchange ended the session with Shopify rising 7.75% to $1,157.31 on Wednesday while the New York Stock Exchange jumped 0.05% to $14,408.90.

Shopify today’s close was $1,157.31, 0.58% below its 52-week high of $1,164.04.

News about Shopify today

Power players: meet the 12 key execs driving Shopify, the breakout e-commerce star doing so well that Amazon is considering launching a direct competitor. According to today’s article on Business Insider, "Read more: Shopify’s general manager reveals its last-minute sprint to include a tool for a new app to help small merchants take on Amazon and Walmart during COVID-19", "Ng leads Start, Shopify’s entrepreneurship-focused community."

Shopify’s Sales

Shopify’s sales growth is 79.4% for the current quarter and 66.1% for the next. The company’s growth estimates for the ongoing quarter and the next is 195.3% and 200%, respectively.

Shopify’s Revenue

Year-on-year quarterly revenue growth grew by 96.5%, now sitting on 2.46B for the twelve trailing months.

Shopify’s Stock Top and Bottom Yearly Value

Shopify’s stock is valued at $1,157.31 at 17:30 EST, under its 52-week high of $1,164.04 and way higher than its 52-week low of $305.30.

Shopify’s Moving Average

Shopify’s value is way higher than its 50-day moving average of $1,002.56 and way above its 200-day moving average of $977.11.

Previous days news about Shopify

The ultimate guide to getting a job at Shopify. here's how to land one of the 2,000-plus jobs the e-commerce company is adding in 2021, according to the director of talent, director of diversity,…. According to Business Insider on Tue Dec 15, "Shopify wants to hire people who get passionate about the problems they’re trying to solve. ", "This informal interview gives the interviewee a chance to walk the Shopify team through their formative experiences, in their career and personal life."


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