NASDAQ Composite ended the session with Tesla jumping 2.44% to $661.77 on Friday, following last session’s upward trend. NASDAQ Composite rose 0.26% to $12,804.70, following last session’s downward trend on what was a somewhat positive trend exchanging session today.

Tesla today’s close was $661.77, 5.02% under its 52-week high of $695.00.

News about Tesla today

Musk says it’s ‘impossible’ to take Tesla private, mulls new IPO. According to today’s article on Bloomberg Quint, "Bloomberg Wealth: The Tesla Investors Who Are Now Millionaires", "Billionaire Elon Musk said it’s "impossible" to take Tesla Inc. private now even though he would have liked to spend more time on innovation."

The Apple car news is completely irrelevant to Tesla because Apple most likely wants to sell off project titan. According to today’s article on Business Insider, "The usual suspects cropped up: contract manufacturer Magna, reportedly a one-time candidate as an Apple Car constructor; VW, which has developed an EV platform that it intends to market widely; and, yes, even Tesla, because nobody ever seems to tire of imagining Apple and Tesla in the same post-industrial, Silicon Valley dreamscape.", "Cue the hoary "Apple should buy Tesla" case, followed by an Elon Musk tweet revealing that he did pitch Tim Cook on the idea a few years back, only to be ignored."

Tesla’s Sales

Tesla’s sales growth is 35.1% for the ongoing quarter and 59.8% for the next. The company’s growth estimates for the current quarter and the next is 114.6% and 265.2%, respectively.

Tesla’s Revenue

Year-on-year quarterly revenue growth grew by 39.2%, now sitting on 28.18B for the twelve trailing months.

Tesla’s Stock Yearly Top and Bottom Value

Tesla’s stock is valued at $661.77 at 16:06 EST, below its 52-week high of $695.00 and way higher than its 52-week low of $70.10.

Tesla’s Moving Average

Tesla’s worth is way above its 50-day moving average of $547.14 and way higher than its 200-day moving average of $395.71.

Previous days news about Tesla

Apple’s car plan creates Tesla bear case, morgan stanley says. According to Bloomberg Quint on Tue Dec 22, "Tesla Inc. shares fell as much as 5.5% Tuesday, adding to their 6.5% drop on Monday, after Reuters reported that Apple is moving forward with autonomous technology and aims to produce a passenger vehicle by 2024 that could include its own battery design. ", "Tesla’s two-day slump also follows its admission into the benchmark S&P 500 Index before the open on Monday."

Elon Musk says that he wanted Apple to buy Tesla during the company's 'darkest days,' but Tim Cook wouldn't take the meeting. According to Business Insider on Tue Dec 22, "Elon Musk once hoped Apple would acquire Tesla, but Apple CEO Tim Cook wouldn’t meet with him, he said in a tweet on Tuesday.", "Musk is likely referring to a period in either 2016 or 2017 when Tesla was working on the Model 3, the electric car-maker’s entry-level sedan. "

Musk says Apple CEO refused talks for Tesla at $60 billion. According to Bloomberg Quint on Tue Dec 22, "Tesla did not reply to a request for a comment on the timing of the offer Musk described.", "In recent years, Apple has hired a number of ex-Tesla executives who specialize in drive train, car interior and self-driving technology. "

Tesla faces 'formidable bear case' over Apple's EV plans, says morgan stanley. According to Business Insider on Wed Dec 23, "Tesla Price Action: Tesla shares closed nearly 1.5% lower at $640.34 on Tuesday and fell 0.94% in the after-hours session.", "The Tesla Analyst: Jonas gave Tesla a Buy-equivalent rating in a note Tuesday and assigned a price target of $540 for the stock, which is almost 15% below the stock’s closing price on Tuesday, as reportedbyBloomberg."

Will Tesla destabilize the S&P 500?. According to Business Insider on Wed Dec 23, "At a 1.6% overall weighting for Tesla, that 90% downside would still only translate to a 1.44% decline for the S&P 500.", "Related Link: Despite $38.2B In Losses, Tesla Short Sellers Ramp Up Bearish Bets"

Elon Musk said combining spacex, Tesla, neuralink, and boring under a megacorporation called 'x' would be a 'good idea'. According to Business Insider on Thu Dec 24, "Currently, only Tesla is publicly-traded.", "Musk owns or part-owns electric car maker Tesla, aerospace giant SpaceX, neurotech company Neuralink, and transport tunnel maker Boring Company. "

They're called $tsla-naires. Tesla stock surge has made many a quick 7 figures. According to MarketWatch on Thu Dec 24, "Smith, who doesn’t even own a Tesla vehicle, is one of countless fans who have pledge their undying devotion to Elon Musk and, to this point, have been rewarded handsomely for it."

Hawaii's first Tesla supercharger May be built on oracle billionaire larry ellison's island that only has 30 miles of paved roads. According to Business Insider on Thu Dec 24, "And Ellison’s wellness company, Sensei, operates hydroponic farms powered by 1,600 Tesla solar panels, according to Forbes.", "Tesla now operates Superchargers in all 48 continental US states, having added stations in North Dakota last summer."


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