Tesla-heavy etfs ride along as company gets a price upgrade. According to today’s article on MarketWatch, “Exchovere-traded funds with heavy exposure to Tesla Inc.”

Tesla has been somewhat immune to the crisis with its shares rising 6.51% to $521.47 at 14:08 EST on Monday, following yesterday’s downward trend. The Nasdaq Stock Market is jumping 0.14% to $11,871.70, following yesterday’s downward trend, on what up until now seems, a somewhat positive trend trading session on today.

Tesla’s last close was $489.61, below its 52-week high of $525.15.

Tesla’s sales growth is 35.3% for the current quarter and 56.5% for the next. The company’s growth estimates for the ongoing quarter and the next is 112.2% and 265.2%, respectively.

Year-on-year quarterly revenue growth grew by 39.2%, now sitting on 28.18B for the twelve trailing months.

Tesla’s stock is valued at $521.47 at 14:08 EST, below its 52-week high of $525.15 and way above its 52-week low of $65.42.

Tesla’s value is way above its 50-day moving average of $429.80 and way above its 200-day moving average of $326.69.

According to Bloomberg Quint on Thu Nov 19, “Tesla, Taycan Snub by Consumer Reports Shows Challenge for EVs.”

According to Bloomberg Quint on Thu Nov 19, “Tesla Hits Another Record as EV Mania Unleashes Industry Rally.”

According to MarketWatch on Thu Nov 19, “Tesla has fallen to the bottom of the Consumer Reports reliability survey.”


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