Privacy Policy

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In this text, “this site” or “site” refers to the domain name.

This privacy policy governs the privacy of users who choose to use the services on this site.

Privacy is important to our users and us. This page explains our approach to privacy and how it affects the use of our policy. It defines the various areas where your privacy applies and describes the rights and duties of the site and its users.

Short version

We collect anonymous statistics about your visit, such as pages visited, your IP address or device used.

Some third-party services like Facebook, Twitter, Analytics and Adsense may know that you visited this site. This site has no control over those external sites, but we also believe that this knowledge is not a danger to you.

When you sign up or use this site, we take extreme care to keep your information safe and never share them with third parties, and especially without your express permission.

Long version

This site takes a proactive approach to privacy and ensures the necessary steps to protect the privacy of its user’s experience.


This site uses cookies to improve the user experience. By using this site, you agree to our Cookie use policy, which complies with the European legislation.

Cookies are small files saved on your computer. This practice is common in almost all websites around the web, where information about the user interaction is stored allowing for a more personalized experience.

Other Cookies can get kept from external suppliers such as on data analysis programs, sponsored links or ads. These cookies usually expire after 30 days, although some may take longer. No personal information is stored, saved or collected.

Contact and Communication

Users who contact us through the website do so on their own, providing some personal data. Processing this information is done by security best practices and are kept confidential and securely stored while being useful. Likewise, we also safely secure the email processing and forms of data transmission.

Email Newsletter

This site has a newsletter service to inform subscribers about new information. Users can sign up through an automated online process if they wish to do so. No information collected by us will ever get disclosed to third parties.

Marketing campaigns from this website may contain e-mail tracking processes to control the activity of the subscriber, being securely stored in a database for analysis until they’re no longer relevant. The activities may include: opening, sending or click links through e-mails, times, dates and event frequency. This information is used to refine future email campaigns and provide users with the most relevant content to their stated interests.

According to the Laws and Regulations of the Privacy and Electronic Communications, the user may be removed from the list at any time through an automated system. This process gets detailed in the footer of each email campaign. The automatic non-signature system has clear instructions on the availability to de-subscribe.

External Links

This site seeks to include controlled, reliable, secure, and relevant external links, but it may happen that a link can escape our strict control. We’re not responsible for our user’s activities on external sites.

Ads and Sponsored Links

This site may contain sponsored links and ads that can get served through our partners, who may have their privacy policies.

Clicking on any of these ads will direct you to the advertiser’s site via a referral program with the routing number for this site. The use of these cookies is the sole responsibility of those external services with their legal framework which is outside the scope of this privacy policy.

Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social networks provide social buttons and features similar to those used on this site. To work with these services you may need to be registered and connected to these external services. We have no control over such external services.

Communication and actions taken through external social media platforms to this site have their terms and conditions, which is outside the scope of this privacy policy.