Short-Term Rental CEO Discusses Thriving in the New Reality!

David Williams, Nomadx Co-founder Chairman and CEO talks about the impact of Covid-19 on business, affordability, new initiatives, opportunities in the future, adapting to the current lifestyle, young people coming back to Portugal, recovery, listings all over the country, opportunities with risk and much more

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David Nicol Williams, co-founder, chairman and CEO of NomadX (Photo credit: Via News)

10x Increase in Digital Nomads Expected: NomadX CEO

The coronavirus pandemic is expected to lead to a 10x increase in digital nomads in the next two to three years and Portugal seems to have maintained its appeal for location-independent professionals, says an industry expert. “We’re expecting like a really big influx, but it’s not happening quite yet,” David Nicol Williams, co-founder, chairman, and…

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