Unraveling the Secret to his Sockcess!

Goncalo Henriques, Co-founder of Heel Tread talks with us about his background, the trend of socks, uiqueness of his products, designinig his products, handling the business, their dedicated fan base, future plans, why Lisbon is business hub, the future of e-commerce industry, sales, security, advice for young entrepreneurs, and much more https://youtu.be/zaiI2REbDfY?si=fU-MokhuzlQJ47km Interview by Miguel…

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Dennis Nakamura, startup and career mentor for Oracle Brazil, Bluefields Startup Accelerator of the University of Mackenzie, and the University of São Paulo (Photo supplied by Dennis Nakamura)

Mentors Should Adapt With New Industry-Specific Skills During Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic highlighted the need for mentors to equip themselves with a new arsenal of knowledge and skills as it gave rise to a growing demand for professional advice in more specialized areas, says an expert. “There is now greater demand for mentorship on more specific subjects,” Brazil-based Dennis Nakamura told Via News in…

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Rhiannon Leila, founder and CEO of Flame and Arrow, LLC (Photo provided by Rhiannon Leila)

COVID-19 to Accelerate Female Entrepreneurship

The coronavirus pandemic has created a great opportunity for many women to start the business they had always wanted and its “snowball effect” will inspire more female founders to take the leap and begin their entrepreneurial journeys, says an expert.   “We are seeing a massive influx of women trying to start their businesses, having…

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Photo source: Web Summit

What Will Web Summit 2020 Look Like?

Last year around this time, tech enthusiasts were preparing themselves to travel to Lisbon to attend Web Summit—one of the largest annual gatherings of entrepreneurs and investors in the world. But much has changed since last year. The world has turned almost upside down by a virus that is responsible for an unprecedented pandemic with…

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Photo by Alex Kotliarskyi on Unsplash

78% of Startups Globally Plan to Hire by Year-End

Seventy-eight percent of startups plan to hire new staff before the end of the year despite being caught in mid-air by the coronavirus pandemic, according to a recent survey by the world’s largest startup campus. The study by Station F—which was conducted in partnership with over 120 venture capital funds—also showed that 48% of startup…

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Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

Investment in Startups Should Be Governments’ Priority: Doppio’s CEO

Governments around the world should understand that now is the time to act and offer solid financial support to startups as they can have a positive, lasting impact on the economy, says a Lisbon-based entrepreneur. “Big companies get big because they get really good at doing the same thing over and over again. And then…

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Elena Jin, TAIGER's marketing manager for Latin America and Europe (Photo credit: TAIGER)

COVID-19: A Pivotal Moment for Future of AI

The coronavirus pandemic is accelerating the need for artificial intelligence solutions as the technology can help businesses run more nimbly and reliably, says a marketing manager at TAIGER, one of Asia’s fastest-growing AI companies. “Big companies are realizing that AI technologies can make them more flexible to adapt better to changes like the ones brought…

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