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Web Summit. Photo by: ViaNews.

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Are you coming for the Web Summit? Are you a corporation, a startup, a speaker, or are going to the Web Summit as a Alpha, Beta or Start? We want to interview you.

We’re looking for captivating stories about your business and your Web Summit experience. Several companies have used the event to slingshot their business growth and we want the world to know about it.

Web Summit. Photo by: ViaNews.
Web Summit. Photo by: ViaNews.

If you want to schedule an audio or video interview, please send an email to with “Video/Audio interview [Company Name]” in the subject line and please let us know your availability (date and time).

If you’re looking for a written interview, we can guarantee you’ll get published. Please send us an email to with “Written interview [Company Name]” in the subject line and provide answers to the following questions:

  • 1) In one sentence, describe what the company does.
  • 2) What’s the company’s unique value proposition.
  • 3) Provide a comment (or comments) from the Founder, CEO, CFO, CTO, or other members of the team about: (for example) the company, the project, the people involved, the industry, the competition, the Web Summit, or any other topic.Answers to this should be in the form of:[Name], [Position], “[Quote]”
    John Smith, Founder, “The Cybersecurity industry is becoming …”

    Make sure to send a relevant comment and, if possible, from different sources.

  • 4) Have you previously been to the Web Summit as [your company name here]? If yes, please state the years you’ve attended the Web Summit and if you were ALPHA, BETA or START company. Explain your experience over the years and which or how many contacts resulted in investment into the company. Feel free to be specific about the details as much as you want.
  • 5) Please provide a comment on what you think to be the biggest challenges in your industry. (please state clearly what’s your industry)
  • 6) Where is your industry going over the next 5 to 10 years?
  • 7) Please have your CEO providing a good piece of advice with young entrepreneurs.

Please send your answers to Write “Interview [Name of company]” in the subject line and send your answers in plain text. Further questions might be sent back for you to answer.

If you have photos or videos, please send them, or the link to them. When providing the answers, please write only the question number and the answer.

Please contact us to schedule a visit so that a ViaNews team member may meet you to take photos or produce a possible video interview.

ViaNews isn’t affiliated with, funded, or in any way associated with the Web Summit organization, We’re an independent news agency covering business topics.